Friday, 9 September 2022

Queen Elizabeth died

Queen Elizabeth died in a year when her natal ascending sign (Capricorn) is in the 8th house of death in this year's solar return chart and Saturn, the ruler, is angular, conjunct the MC. Saturn in Aquarius was of course a difficult transit for her, especially at her age, making hard aspects these past two years or so with her Sun, Moon, Saturn (ascendant ruler), Mars (exact conjunction on the day of her death) and Jupiter. Interestingly, although Charles is going to ascend to the throne, Prince William's chart is much more royal than his father's. He has the same configuration as Elizabeth, that is the ruler of the ascendant is conjunct the 10th house cusp and progressed Jupiter is now in the same degree as the MC. We'll see how things turn out for Charles in the years ahead.


Saturday, 3 September 2022

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Friday, 6 September 2019

Is Chiron the new Fortune?

Chiron is a relatively recent addition in modern astrological work. It's a minor planet/comet that orbits between Saturn and Uranus. Its astrological meaning is supposed to reflect its name, following the standard modern approach of believing there is a correlation between a planet's name and its meaning. So, like Chiron the mythological Centaur, astrological Chiron is supposed to represent in our charts the wounded healer and where in our lives we have a wound than can't be healed. Furthermore, because the mythological Chiron was a teacher, the minor planet has apparently also something to do with teaching and learning.

As a traditional astrologer, I don't use Chiron in my judgements and I have a very limited use for the more famous outers, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. However, I've always had a fondness of Chiron for some unfathomable reason and the day has come (my Chiron return) that I've decided to test him. Does he work or not? Does he bring events in the life of the native? Does he rule houses and therefore a sign? The results, I hate to admit, were astonishing and completely unexpected.

What's the best way to test something in astrology? The most personal points in a chart are the four angles and conjunctions of planets with those angles in secondary progressions or primary directions (it's the same thing) tend to produce the most significant events in a person's life. We are not talking about antiscia, duodekatimoria, midpoints, Lots or whatever. This is the ANGLES we are talking about. If nothing happens when the angles conjunct planets, major or minor, then it won't happen wth a sesquiquadrate.

I used the charts of famous people, mainly artists (to make sure many events of their lives have been recorded), with an AA Rodden rating or at least an A rating. I discarded the charts where Chiron was very close to the angle, because Chiron's conjunction with it happened at a very young age, when the native wasn't famous and in many cases little is known about the natives' lives at the time. I've also avoided (with a few exceptions) having Chiron two signs away from the angle, because when we have signs of long ascension, the conjunction with the 1st/7th house axis rarely happens during a lifetime and even with the steadier MC/IC axis, the conjunction may still never happen if Chiron is more than 70 degrees away from the angle. In most cases I've tested, Chiron is in the next sign from the angle in question.

I consider the conjunction to be in effect for as long as angle and planet are in the same degree or very close in adjoining degrees. In some cases, slight rectification is needed (4-5 minutes) especially in charts with an A rating. Finally, I took into account both Chiron's natal and progressed position.

The results are as follows:

A) Progressed ascendant conjunct natal/progressed Chiron or Chiron directed to the ascendant

Loni Anderson = (1974) marriage
Dolly Parton = (1992) I will always love you, her song, was released by Whitney Houston and became a huge success. She received lots of royalties for the song (slight rectification needed)
Caitlyn Jenner = (1995) birth of a child
Ed Harris = (1993) birth of only child (slight rectification needed)
John Ritter = (1998) birth of daughter Stella
Rutger Hauer = (1987) became a grandfather
Matt Damon = (2008) birth of second child
Ray Liotta = (2004) divorce
Isabelle Huppert = (1982) marriage and pregnancy, (1983 with rectification) birth of daughter
Gwyneth Paltrow = (1998) She starred in Shakespeare in Love, the film that made her a star
Getrude Stein = (1899-1900) erotic awakening
Johnny Cash = birth of son (A rating - slight rectification needed)
Milo Ventimiglia = breakthrough role in Gilmore Girls
Allen Ginsberg = (1948) mystical vision that changed his life
John Coltrane = (1964) birth of son

Β) Progressed MC conjunct natal/progressed Chiron or Chiron directed to the MC

Pablo Picasso = (1907) He created Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, a painting which “is widely considered to be seminal in the early development of both cubism and modern art.
Steve McQueen = (1960) birth of son and his first major hit role in “The magnificent Seven”.
Kate Hudson = (2004) birth of first child
Drake = (2015) release of the single “Hotline Bling”, which made him a superstar
Harrison Ford = (1987) birth of son Malcolm (slight rectification needed)
Chevy Chase = (1978) First leading role (Foul Play), which earned him two Golden Globe nominations
David Lynch = (1990) A major success on TV (Twin Peaks) and separation from Isabella Rossellini
Gordon Ramsay = (2005) US version of Hell's Kitchen, the show he is most known for
Louis de Funés = (1937) Famous French actor, birth of son Daniel (slight rectification)
Orson Welles = (1938) He became instantly famous because of some radio series where he spread the lie that an extrterrestrial invasion was imminent.
Gregory Peck = (1956) birth of son Anthony
Melanie Griffith = (1973) she met Don Johnson, a very important person in her life, whom she later married twice.
Michael Douglas = (1975) First Oscar as a producer for “One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest
Julio Iglesias = (1963) A serious car accident that changed his life completely. Instead of becoming a footballer, he became a famous singer. While he was in hospital, he was given a guitar for recovery of the dexterity of his fingers and he disovered his music talent.
Ed O'Neil = (1987) Married with Children started and he became widely known.

C) Progressed descendant conjunct natal/progressed Chiron or Chiron directed to the decendant

Barbara Walters = (1981) marriage
Debbie Reynolds = (1992) she became a grandmother (slight rectification needed)
Bob Newhart = (1967) son Timothy was born
Katy Perry = (2016) started significant relationship with Orlando Bloom
Benito Mussolini = (1899) first sexual experience with a prostitute
Kris Kristofferson = (1983) marriage and birth of child
Dean Stockwell = (1981) marriage with natal Chiron and (1983) birth of son with progressed Chiron
Sandy Dennis = (1992) death
Raquel Welch = (1972) divorce (slight rectification needed)
Laetitia Casta = (2017) marriage
Al Jarreau = (1967) success in clubs made him decide to take up professional singing as a career
Ingrid Bergman = (1957) second Oscar for Anastasia
Stephanie, Princess of Monaco = (1998) birth of third child (slight rectification needed), but we also have the progressed Sun (ruler of the ascendant) conjunct natal Chiron at the same time that says the same thing.
Vincent Cassel = (2019) birth of child
Robert Downey Jr. = (2012/2014) birth of child with the natal Chiron conjunction and again birth of child with the progressed Chiron conjunction.
Mark Knopfler = (1977) Dire Straits were formed.
Louis Armstrong = (1964) Had his biggest hit with “Hello Dolly” (slight rectification needed)

D) Progressed IC conjunct natal/progressed Chiron or Chiron directed to the IC

Elizabeth Taylor = (1967) second Oscar for Who's afraid of Virginia Wolf
Warren Buffett = (1958) birth of third child (slight rectification needed)
Noam Chomsky = (1960) birth of child (slight rectification needed)
Sophia Loren = (1973) birth of second son
Michael Landon = (1974-1975) birth of son and beginning of Little House on the Prairie
Herbie Hancock = (1970) birth of daughter
Peter Gabriel = (2001) birth of son (also Chiron return)
Barbra Streisand = (1980) release of her most successful album to date, Guilty
Steve Perry = (1981) Journey's most successful album, Escape (slight rectification)
Stephen King = (1972) birth of son (slight rectification needed)
Jean-Michel Jarre = (1975-76) birth of daughter
Jeremy Irons = (1991) Oscar for Reversal of Fortune
Al Gore = (1979) birth of child
Margaret Thatcher = (1975) Became party leader
Eva-Marie Saint = (1958) birth of daughter (slight rectification needed)


1) Does Chiron work?

Yes, most definitely, which was a surprise to me. This doesn't mean that we have an event in every case, but in most cases we do. This happens with every planet, we can't expect a “concrete” event with every activation. There are many things that we don't know, even when very famous people are involved.

2) Is Chiron a Fortune or an Infortune?

A Fortune, most definitely. In the vast majority of the cases, the events were very fortunate. The unfortunate events were extremely few and they are probably explained by other astrological testimonies. I saw no evidence of wounds, of traumas or anything of the kind.

3) What kind of events does Chiron bring?

The most common event is childbirth. There is obviously some connection between Chiron and fertility and, if I remember correctly, Zane B. Stein mentioned childbirth as something connected with Chiron. Apart from this, the native often meets with great success when Chiron is strongly activated by an angle. Breakthrough roles, Oscars, best-selling albums etc. In some cases, we had a life-changing experience for the better. Naturallly, we can't expect Oscars for “normal” people, but one could expect some kind of fortunate event regarding the native's life purpose.

4) Does Chiron have an affinity with a certain planet or sign?

Chiron seems to be another kind of Jupiter, as he brings children and success. Because of the fertility, we could say that Chiron has an affinity with the second sign that Jupiter rules, Pisces (a water sign and the most fertile one). However, he doesn't sseem to rule any particular houses in the nativity and therefore he cannot rule signs.

5) What kind of activation would bring the native a Chiron event?

As I said in the beginning, the conjunction with the angles is the most personal and most important activation of any planet or point. Besides this, I would also consider important the conjunction of the ascendant ruler(s) with Chiron (and less so with other aspects) and quite possibly the Chiron return (around 51 years of age) IF it is combined with some other Chiron activation.

6) Does the house Chiron is in seem to play any part in the event that actually takes place?

In some cases, yes. Dolly Parton (2nd house Chiron) came into a lot of money with Whitney Houston's rendition of her own song, Sandy Dennis (8th house Chiron) died and we seem to have more births with a 5th house Chiron. However, I wouldn't make this a rule, because Chiron seems to be beyond signs and houses, in the same way as the outer planets.

Petros Eleftheriadis QHP (Qualified Horary Practitioner)

Author of Horary Astrology, the Practical Way to Learn Your Fate

Friday, 29 March 2019

Friday, 11 January 2019

Andy Murray's hip problem

Andy Murray has just announced in an emotional interview his “possible” retirement from tennis due to a serious hip problem. Does this problem show in his nativity?’ Oh yes.

We have two rulers for the body in general, the ruler(s) of the ascendant and the Moon. The ruler of his ascendant, Mercury, is very strong in Gemini, conjunct the MC, and this is a strong indication for success in his field, but also gives a strong constitution. The Moon, apart from being a general significator for the body, rules specific organs like all the planets do. One of the Moon’s characteristics is that she rules the organs attributed to the sign she is in. In Murray’s chart, the Moon is in Sagittarius and so she rules the hips among other things. Is she in a good condition? No, not at all. She is afflicted (besieged) by both the Infortunes, Saturn and Mars, with Saturn also being the ruler of the 6th house of illness. This makes the Moon severely afflicted and at some point in the life, she was going to cause problems.
What’s more, Venus, the 9th house ruler (hips), is in detriment in the unfortunate 8th house, so no help from her. The Sun, another 9th house significator because of his presence there, is close to dangerous fixed star Algol and in primary directions he is conjunct Venus, therefore activating her. The problems started during his Saturn return in Saggitarius, which was something to be expected.
I hope he gets well and returns to tennis, because he will be missed.

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Montserrat Caballé dies

Is death shown in an astrological chart? Of course. Is the prediction certain? It’s as certain as predictions go, the success rate is the same as with predictions on all the other areas of life. If one wants to stay away from such matters, it’s perfectly understandable, but they must not go around claiming that these matters are beyond astrology.
Here is Montserrat’s chart (a bi-wheel with secondary progressions). It has a B Rodden rating. The time was taken from her biography and not from a birth certificate, hence the B rating. However, it seems to work quite well (for her death at least).

We see immediately that the secondary progressed ascendant is conjunct natal Saturn or, if you prefer primary directions, we have Saturn directed to a conjunction with the ascendant. It’s the same thing. Saturn is the Greater Infortune and the most obvious anaereta (killing planet), particularly in a nocturnal chart. Saturn, though, seems quite well-behaved in Aquarius and had the chart been diurnal, he could perhaps be called a benefic. At the same time, however, we have a Mars/Mars square (primarily directed Mars squaring his natal position) and this aggravated things. Mars rules the gallbladder and he co-rules the 1st house (Montserrat herself) and 6th house (illness) in her chart. Caballé died (ascendant conjunct Saturn) a month after entering the hospital because of a gallbladder infection (Mars square Mars).

Friday, 23 March 2018

Natalie Wood's death – Accident or murder?

For those of you who don't know who Natalie Wood was, she was a famous Hollywood actress who died at the age of 42 under very mysterious circumstances. According to wikipedia: “During the making of the film Brainstorm, Wood drowned while on a weekend boat trip to Santa Catalina Island on board the Splendour. Many of the circumstances surrounding her drowning are unknown; it was never determined how she entered the water. She was with her husband Robert WagnerBrainstorm co-star Christopher Walken, and the Splendour's captain, Dennis Davern, on the evening of November 28, 1981. Wood's body was recovered by authorities at 8:00 a.m. on November 29, one mile away from the boat, with a small inflatable dinghy, named the Valiant, found beached nearby. According to Wagner, when he went to bed, Wood was not there.[47] The autopsy report revealed that Wood had bruises on her body and arms as well as an abrasion on her left cheek”. And:In 2011, Walken hired a lawyer when authorities reopened the Wood case. Authorities stated that Walken is not a suspect.[58] Wagner has denied any involvement in Wood's death[59] but was named a person of interest in the investigation in February 2018In reality, Robert Wagner could never shake off the - so far ungrounded - accusation that he was somehow responsible for the death of his wife. Can astrology shed some light on this?

Let's start with Robert Wagner's chart.

His 7th house of relationships has Venus as its domicile ruler and the Moon as the almuten. Venus is combust and the Moon, although in domicile. is afficted by her arch-enemy, Saturn. This indicates problems with relationships. He had a couple of divorces (one was with Wood herself) and of course, he lost a wife. The sιgnificators of the wife do not seem afflicted by his own significators (Mars and Jupiter - Jupiter is the ascendant term ruler). Mars is in the same sign as Venus but they are quite far from each other and Venus' major problem is the Sun, not Mars. The Moon is afflicted by Saturn, but Saturn is not one of Wagner's significators, while Jupiter hurts neither the Moon nor Venus. However, Jupiter is the term ruler of the ascendant and also ruler of the 2nd house, the turned 8th house (death of wife). I believe very much in the term ruler of the ascendant, as this differentiates people born on the same day and have the same ascendant, but that's my own theory and not part of the tradition, so it needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

However, the same pattern repeats in the solar return chart for the year his wife died. First of all, the SR chart has a Taurus ascendant (the natal 7th house) indicating relationship issues for that year. His wife is Mars and she is conjunct retrograde Mercury in detriment, with Mercury being the turned 8th house (the radical 2nd ) and the term ruler of the ascendant at the same time, thus repeating the natal pattern. Anyway, whatever the value of the term ruler, Natalie's death is clearly shown by the Mars/Mercury conjunction.

Finally, around the time of Natalie's death, in primary directions, the MC/IC axis was conjunct Saturn, therefore activating the natal Moon/Saturn opposition, indicating her death.

Let's move to Natalie Wood's chart.

Does her chart indicate a short life? First of all, she has a Libra ascendant and in most cases this goes together with Taurus in the 8th house, so the same planet rules both life and death. This by itself is not some serious testimony, but it could be the icing of the cake if there are other concurring testimonies. Her ascendant domicile ruler is Venus, in fall and in the malefic 12th house, but she is in her triplicity and terms, so things could be worse. However, the ascendant almuten is Saturn, who is in detriment in the 7th house, indicating she is either controlled by her relationships or she simply makes bad choices in matters of love. Finally, the South Node is in the 8th house of death and Uranus is also there, very close to the cusp, indicating a sudden and unexpected death.

In the solar return chart for the year of her death, we have some very interesting testimonies. First of all, both her significators, Saturn and Jupiter, rulers of the ascending and the intercepted sign in the 1st house, are in the 8th house of death. However, they trine the ascendant, Saturn is exalted and receives Jupiter. The worst scenario could have been avoided, if there hadn't been the two “lethal” squares with Mars, an Infortune in the sign of his fall and Mercury. Mercury is the ruler of the intercepted sign in the 7th house and therefore rules the husband. Thus, husband and death are connected.

Now, SR Venus, domicile ruler of the SR 8th house, is conjunct the SR 7th house cusp. This could mean: a) Death of the husband. but we know that this didn't happen, b) a new woman in the life of her husband (possible, perhaps that was the reason of their fight) or c) death caused BY the husband.

At the time of her death, in both primary and secondary directions, her natal Uranus in the 8th house was activated by the Asc/7th house cusp axis (how exact the aspect was depends on the accuracy of her birth time) and also natal Venus (herself) was opposite primarily directed Saturn, the great Infortune. A very bad time for her indeed.

One final indication that connects Robert Wagner with Natalie's death is that Robert's ascendant falls exactly on Natalie's North Node/South Node axis which is located in the 2nd and 8th house and therefore the most personal point in his nativity is directly connected with her death.

Does all of the above make him a killer? No, not necessarily. Astrologers don't have crystal balls, nor are they psychics. We just try to interpret astrological symbols. Still, just like in real life, there is enough astrological evidence to make him “a person of interest”.

Petros Eleftheriadis
Traditional Astrologer QHP