Friday, 7 July 2017

Book review

A review of my book in the latest issue of the Astrological Journal.

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Horary Astrology: The Practical Way to Learn your Fate: Radical Charts for Student and Professional
Petros Eleftheriadis
The Wessex Astrologer, pb £12.50
The key word in the title is ‘practical’. Eleftheriadis assumes that the reader is familiar with traditional theory (and if not, you are kindly invited to get up to speed with Barbara Dunn’s Horary Astrology Re-Examined) before he presents over fifty charts from his client files, used to illustrate various techniques to find answers to such questions as: “Will I get a divorce?” or “Will my blood tests be OK?”.
Rather refreshingly, Eleftheriadis states baldly that the whole point of consulting an astrologer is to find out about one’s future, though he has sharp cautionary words on not encouraging clients to pursue questions designed to avoid ‘fate’. He dares to differ from Lilly on certain matters, states that Ptolemy didn’t understand the logic behind the Egyptian terms (which Eleftheriadis prefers – his essay on this at the back is informative and fascinating)) and he is not terribly keen on fixed stars or antiscia in horary. Having doubtless ruffled a few feathers, the book moves onto exposition.
Structurally and logically, life theme queries are addressed by relevant house e.g. ‘Tenth House Matters – Career and Achievement’ or ‘Seventh House Matters – Relationships’. The tone is direct, and techniques and interpretation are treated succinctly under crossheads which encourage a step-by-step application. This ensures rigour. Not all traditionalists will agree with his approach yet it will be hard to find a more cogent analysis of horary charts.

Before he came to astrology, Eleftheriadis studied Law and French Literature in Greece, and one senses a polymath at work who (happily) wears his learning lightly. Even if you’re new to horary, this book is likely to whet your appetite, while students and practitioners will find rich pickings here to add nuance to their knowledge and work.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Horary Astrology - The practical way to learn your fate

My first book is finally out! "Horary Astrology, the practical way to learn your fate" is the title. This is not a book of theory (although elements of theory are explained and presented) but it is primarily a book of practice charts. 

The difference between this book and others of its kind is that it consists of only radical charts that follow the major considerations before judgement, which is a rarity nowadays. It is my belief that these considerations are not to be looked down upon. In this book, I also stress the importance of chart validity. It saddens me to see that most of the questions asked nowadays are questions I consider invalid, questions, that is, which attempt to change the querent’s fate, The role of astrology, in my opinion, is not to know our fate so as to change it (which cannot be done anyway), but to embrace it. 

You can buy the book directly from the Wessex Astrologer site or from the places, online or otherwise, you usually buy your astrology books from. I hope you enjoy it!

Friday, 21 April 2017

Serena Williams announces pregnancy

Ever since her 2016 birthday, it's been a great year so far for Serena Williams. First of all, she broke Steffi Graf's record for most Grand Slams by a tennis player in the Οpen Εra, which was an amazing feat and something that she coveted for quite some time. A couple of days ago, she also announced her pregnancy. This must be a very fortunate year astrologically and the solar return chart is extremely clear.

The solar return ascendant is conjunct the natal Sun (and SR Sun naturally) and the Sun is the ruler of the natal 5th house (baby). A very strong testimony for pregnancy, Jupiter, natural significator of pregnancy and fertility. is cazimi, in hayz, in strong mutual reception with Saturn and conjunct the ascendant!!! You can't get more fortunate than that. Jupiter is also the ruler of the Lot of Children in 14 Sagittarius (Asc + Saturn - Jupiter). SR Venus (Venus is also a significator of 5th house matters as she is the natural ruler of the 5th house and rejoices there, but also the natural significator of relationships) is conjunct a natal angle and, in particular, the 7th house cusp of relationships (Serena announced her engagement last December).

Career-wise, in the solar return chart, Saturn, the almuten of the ascendant, forms a partill trine with the Moon, ruler of the MC. In general, Serena strongly benefitted from the current Jupiter/Saturn mutual reception. Her Sun (natural significator of professional matters) is in Libra, her Jupiter is Libra (she is currently going through a Jupiter return) and her Saturn is also exalted in Libra. Her Mars in Leo also benefits from both Jupiter and Saturn. Interestingly, Mars is the almuten of the natal 10th house and he is located in the 5th house, thereby indicating that she may have a 5th house (sports) occupation.

Congratulations on the happy news Serena!  

Thursday, 20 April 2017

French elections 2017

It’s very difficult to make a prediction about the French elections based on the natal charts of the candidates because their charts are a clear example of why we need perfect exactitude of birth times. Remember, just a four – minute difference is a whole year in the life of the native.
Lepen should win IF her progressed MC is conjunct Jupiter, the almuten of the natal MC. This is true only if she were born 5-6 minutes later, which is more than a year away. Even if we take latitude into account, this conjunction is still not exact at the time of the elections. The same goes for Macron, but this time we need only a 3 – minute change in his birth time. If this change is made, the ascendant of the current solar return is exactly conjunct natal Saturn. That is rarely a good thing, but in Macron’s case, Saturn is the ruler of the ascendant and he is conjunct Regulus, who is now in Virgo. The North Node is also going to be conjunct natal Saturn at the time of the elections. There is also an ascendant/Venus conjunction in the directions and a Mars/Jupiter conjunction since 2015 up to 2019 (latitude included). Mars is the almuten of the ascendant and Jupiter is the ruler of the MC (if we make the slight change in his birth time).
Fillon should do quite well if the birth time we have is exact and if the MC in the solar return chart is in Libra, conjunct Jupiter and sextile Saturn on the ascendant (strong mutual reception). Mars opposes this Jupiter, though. His lunar return chart (again if the birth time is exact) has an ascendant in 0o Virgo, conjunct Regulus. This is very good but Mars in the 10th squares the ascendant. I don’t see him as the final winner, but he can do better than expected, if his birth time is exact.
Αlthough Melenchon is quite close to the others in the polls, I don’t think he stands a great chance of doing something significant. He has some fortunate primary directions, but the return charts are not particularly good.
To sum up, I do think than Macron is closer to winning this election, unless Lepen’s birth time is not accurate and her progressed MC is conjunct Jupiter. If that is the case, she can win this. Otherwise, I think Macron stands a better chance.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

2016 USA presidential elections - Part 2 - Charts of relatives

In Part 1 of this series of articles, I discussed Hillary’s birth time and why the evening time seems to suit better the major events in her life. In a later article, I will discuss her chances with both times, the morning and evening one. However, the lack of an accurate birth time compels us to look for different ways to predict the outcome. One of these ways is to examine the charts of close relatives of both candidates. If a husband or a wife or a father is going to become president, then this must be shown in their charts as well, mustn’t it?
Sadly, we don’t have a birth time for Melania Trump, so I’ll examine the charts of Trump’s two youngest children, William Barron and Tiffany. As for Hillary, the obvious choices are the charts of Bill and Chelsea. No birth time is from a birth certificate, however they are apparently more or less accurate.

Let’s start with the chart of Tiffany Trump.

The significators of the father in this chart are: Mars (domicile ruler of the 4th house), the Sun (almuten of the 4th house and natural significator of fathers in diurnal charts) and Venus (ruler of the Lot of Father). Mars is in a very good state in Scorpio and in the fortunate 11th house, the Sun may be in fall, but he is angular, received by Saturn in Aquarius with a nice trine and conjunct Jupiter, a Fortune and Venus is cadent and in fall, but in her own triplicity and in mutual reception with Mercury and Mars. Overall, this paints a very positive picture of Donald Trump. You could make an argument about his personality based on the fact that he is being represented by two planets in fall and an Infortune, but he is very strong nonetheless.

A most interesting thing about to happen in her chart is the MC/Mars conjuction in progressions and directions. This would have been perfect for Trump, but this conjunction will take place in 2018 and for it to happen around election time, the time of birth needs to be 5-6 minutes later. It’s not impossible, but let’s look for other indications.
She also has a Sun/Moon conjunction in primary directions. The Sun is her father, OK, but the Moon doesn’t seem to relate to her father’s success, unless we view this as an important event in general, being a conjunction of the Lights. Finally, there is a Jupiter/Venus conjunction also in primary directions in early 2017 and a progressed Asc square natal Jupiter. Not bad, given the fact that starting from September, she is going to have a Jupiter return (like her dad), who is also going to conjunct natal MC and the Sun.
Overall, I would have preferred the MC/Mars conjunction as this is a very clear testimony of her father’s success. If her birth time is slightly incorrect, then yes, but as it stands, the testimonies are not paricularly impressive. So, let’s move to Barron.

In young Barron’s chart, the significators of the father are: Mercury, domicile ruler and almuten of the 4th house, Mars, conjunct the 4th house cusp and ruler of the Lot of Father and Saturn, natural ruler of fathers in nocturnal charts. At first glance, we notice two things: Donald Trump is again portrayed by planets in debility (Saturn retrograde and in detriment and Mercury, retrograde and in both detriment and fall) and that Mars again signifies the father in Barron’s chart as in Tiffany’s, in line, therefore, with Donald’s chart with Mars on the ascendant. There is something “martial” about Donald Trump and these two kids have experienced it.
The state of the father’s significators seems to be worse in this chart, but again they receive help. Mercury and Mars are in mutual reception, Venus receives Mars in her terms and aspects him with a trine and Mercury and Jupiter are also in mutual rception with a trine. Saturn is in his own face and in mutual reception with the Sun (no aspect), but this is not much help. Perhaps, this is an indication that the father is “old” (Donald was 60 years old when Barron was born). Anyway, Donald seems to be a very important factor in young Barron’s life (Mercury conjunct the ascendant) and he will “shape” him for better or worse.
Anything important happening in Barron’s chart around election time? Yes. Secondary progressed Mars will be exactly conjunct natal IC on election day, so whatever this indicated in his natal chart, it is time to become evident. Could that be a Trump win? It’s not one of those fortunate testimonies you would expect, but since Mars is a significator of his father and he becomes powerful on this crucial moment, this could indicate a win. Or could this indicate a loss that would “wound” his father? Mars is an Infortune, but the chart is nocturnal and he is received well. His SR ascendant this year is conjunct Regulus, which also plays an important role in Donald’s chart. On the other hand, his SR chart is full of hard aspects (particularly the Mars/Saturn conjunction with Mars being the father) and, of course, Saturn in Sagittarius is already a problem for all these planets in mutable signs (although Jupiter in Libra will help a lot).However, the lunar return chart is quite good.
Let’s move to Bill and Chelsea.

Hillary’s significators in Bill’s chart: Mars, domicile ruler of the 7th house and the Sun, almuten of the 7th house.
The solar return is impressive. Hillary is again in the 1st house, received by the 1st house ruler, Mercury, exactly like the nativity. Mercury is also the 10th house ruler, but that is his success, not Hillary’s, although, of course, he will return to the White House himself, should she win.The only problem is the angular Mars/Saturn conjunction in the 4th house, the turned 10th, which also squares by sign the Mercury/Jupiter conjunction. Could that be a problem? Possibly. The lunar return chart for November is also quite good (for him mainly). In secondary progressions and primary directions, there doesn’t seem to be anything particularly interesting. What is worthy of note however, is that there is going to be a Sun/Saturn square in early 2018 and that’s going to be a problem for Hillary (Sun = Hillary). Is there any truth in the rumours about her health?

Significators of Hillary in Chelsea’s chart: The Sun and the Moon (natural ruler of mothers in nocturnal charts, ruler of the Lot of the Mother and also in the 10th sign from the ascendant).
The solar return chart is not impressive, but the lunar return chart is quite good, with the Moon again in the 10th house with the Lot of Fortune there and the10th house ruler (the Sun) in the 1st sign. Again, the progressions and directions show nothing important, in fact there is a negative opposition between the Moon and Mercury this couple of years, which echoes the Sun/Saturn square in Bill’s chart. Hmm...

So? Again, very difficult to choose. The return charts favour Hillary and the progressions and directions favour Trump. On to the next part of this series of articles.