Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sylvester Stallone's son dies

This is Sylvester Stallone's natal chart.

Sylvester Stallone has had five kids, three girls from his current wife and two boys from his first wife. One son is autistic and the other one, Sage, died two days ago. Is there something in the natal chart that may indicate problems, difficulties or some unpleasantness regarding children? Yes, Venus, the ruler of the 5th house of children, is peregrine in Leo in the 8th house of death.

Now let's look at the progressions first. This is the secondary progressed chart.

We have progressed Mars in detriment conjunct the MC (an indication of general misfortune) and progressed Venus ( the children) in detriment in Scorpio conjunct the progressed 8th house cusp. These conjunctions are not exact and I'm tempted to rectify his chart and set an earlier birth time by just five minutes, which would make them exact. Still, his mother is an astrologer and this is the time she gave, so let's leave it at that.

Let's have a look at the solar arc progressed chart.

Natally, Stallone has a Uranus/North Node conjunction. This conjunction in the solar arc progressed chart is right on natal Venus, implying something sudden and unexpected (Uranus) and fated (North Node) regarding children (Venus) is on the cards.

The not relocated solar return chart.

This is very graphic. Venus (children) is angular conjunct Jupiter in detriment (ruler of the natal turned 8th house - 8th from the 5th - of the death of children) and also conjunct the South Node. The SR Ascendant is conjunct the natal 12th house cusp (the turned 8th) and the Sun is in the 8th house of death. Mars, the SR 12th house ruler, is in detriment and angular.

The lunar return chart.

The Moon is in the 5th house of children EXACTLY conjunct Saturn. The emphasis is on children for this month. Saturn is the lunar return's 8th house ruler. The Venus/Jupiter conjunction of the SR chart is in the 12th house, the turned 8th house (death of children). Mars is exactly on the 5th house cusp.The sign of Taurus, the natal 5th house sign, is on the cusp of the 12th house (death of children). Venus is co-ruler of the 5th house (the sign of Libra intercepted in the 5th) and it is located in the 12th house. In fact, Venus is both ruler of the 12th house and co-ruler of the 5th. 

Of all the above charts, it is the solar return chart that actually spells out the event, but if we didn't have any concurring testimonies from the other charts, perhaps nothing of the sort would have happened.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Federer and Regulus

When I first had a look at Federer’s solar return for this year, what impressed me was that his natal ascendant ruler (Mercury) was conjunct the SR Midheaven in Leo and they were both conjunct Regulus. In fact, Mercury was extremely close at 29o57΄ Leo. So, I thought, that's nice, this could be a year that he returns to the top after falling short to Nadal and Djokovic for the last two years.
However, it didn’t turn out to be so. The first grand slam after his birthday was the US Open, where he lost to Djokovic, after a dramatic semi-final. Then he had a great end of the season, but Federer always plays great indoors, so that was nothing extraordinary. The next grand slam was the Australian Open where he lost to Nadal in the semi-final. He continued to play great though, he won three ATP world tour titles, but still no grand slam, which I would expect from Regulus. Then came the French Open, which is a Nadal thing, so, again, no win there.
I thought that perhaps Regulus has moved into Virgo and the conjunction doesn’t count. Still, Mercury is very, very close. Perhaps all could be explained by Mercury being retrograde. Or perhaps by the SR Ascendant ruler (Mars) in the 8th house and in fall. But Mars in Cancer is also his natal placement. Anyway, I gave up.
And then came Wimbledon. Before the start of the games, I read an article that said that Federer could regain his No 1 status on three conditions: Federer MUST win the title, Nadal has to lose before the quarter finals AND Djokovic shouldn’t reach the final. I thought, no way, that’s impossible.
Then Nadal lost in the second round by the No 100 in the world. I started to hope, because when Nadal is out, Federer always plays better, but there was still the Djokovic problem. Federer himself would have to beat Djokovic if they both reached the semi-finals. Surprisingly, he did! Federer played a great game and he was much better than Djokovic.
The only obstacle remaining was Murray at the final. Murray started better, won the first set and played better in the second, but, quite unexpectedly, Federer broke him in the last game of the second set and from then on he had the upper hand. Federer won and became World No 1 once again, just before this year’s solar return expires. How fitting. 

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Cruise/Holmes divorce

We don't have a birth time for Cruise, so let's focus on Katie Holmes' chart. I've noticed something interesting. This is the chart.

Holmes' 7th house ruler (marriage, relationships) is Saturn on the cusp of the 2nd house. Her solar return chart for the current year (not relocated) has Neptune (dissolution) conjunct the 7th house cusp. What's even more interestong is that SR Mars is exactly on the natal Saturn placement!!! Mars is the traditional ruler of divorce and so we have the ruler of divorce on the ruler of marriage. Note that this is a mundane aspect that I'm talking about and not a regular one (although in this case, it is both).
Even more interesting is that this month's lunar return has the Moon again exactly on the 2nd house cusp, making a mundane conjunction with natal Saturn!!! So, we have a year that divorce is a possibility and a month that this possibility is most likely to materialize. And so it proved.