Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Venus in earth signs (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo)

Earth is an element Venus is quite comfortable with. Earth has a lot to do with the body, which is undoubtedly one of Venus' favourite occupations. Earth loves incarnation and Venus is a deity that doesn't look down on material reality, unlike some other Gods who prefer the world of the Spirit.

Venus in Taurus =  Venus rules Taurus and according to various authors, this is her preferred sign. I am not sure I share the same view, but it cannot be denied that Taurus is a very hospitable place for Venus to be. The best thing (or, for some, the worst) thing about Taurus is that it loves the world of matter. Taurus doesn't view the body as a prison cell and doesn't waste any time trying to escape from it, but instead tries to get the most out of it. So, relationships for Taurus are like food. Yes, food is a necessity, but how wonderful that is! You can cook something delicious and get both nourishment and pleasure at the same time. In this way, Taurus kills two birds with one stone.
Venus in Taurus is not interested in relationships in the same way as Venus in Libra is. Venus in Taurus doesn't want to "relate", doesn't really want to find out what the other person is all about and she is not concetrated on creating a new separate entity called "the relationship". No, no, that's too much effort. It's what the body needs that counts. Does it want shelter and heat? Does it want food and sex? Then it must be done immediately. Who am I to question what my body dictates?
This can cause problems for an Aries Sun or even a Sun in Gemini, but for this Venus the body comes first. The body is like an infant that needs to be fed every time it cries, preferably even before it cries. No wonder the Moon is exalted in Taurus. 

Venus in Capricorn = OK, this Venus goes something like this: "Fine, I have a body and this body has needs. I can accept that. So, I have to find a partner because this is THE RULE. It's the done thing. It's not that I hate relationships, but a relationship has aspects that I do not particularly enjoy. Sometimes people invade too much on your privacy and want to break down your barriers, but I don't like that. I'd much rather we kept a safe distance. Still, not being in a relationship is even worse, because people may start to think that there's something seriously wrong with me. So, I MUST be in  a relationship so as to appear normal, preferably one that lasts for a long time, because I can't live with the constant stress and anxiety of finding a partner. It will also shut people up and I won't have them breathing down my neck, but will leave me well alone".
This Venus is often called a "marriage Venus", but this is not because she likes marriage per se, but because marriage saves you from being an outcast. The best thing about this Venus, however, is that it can help partners with emotional problems, as she can straigthen them out. When she feels in control, she can be very beneficial to others. After all, Venus is not an enemy of Saturn.

Venus in Virgo = Here we have problems. Venus is in fall in Virgo despite ruling the earth triplicity by day. Why is that? Virgo is a Mercury-ruled sign and it's all about logic, common sense and discretion. Which means that Virgo is in search of the factual truth and this search cannot be compromised, not even for love. Love, however, more often than not means allowing someone into our lives DESPITE their faults and weaknesses. Suddenly, something else, even for a short period of time, becomes more important than the truth. Venus in Virgo can't do that, however. When the truth stares her in the face, she can't turn her gaze away. She falls in love, but pretty soon reality creeps in and all the magic is gone. Therefore, she soon realizes that expecting anything more from love than passing pleasure is quite unreal. 
Even if she manages to live with that, there is still another problem. Love can bring chaos in someone's life. Suddenly everything gets disorganized and another person becomes your top priority. Love is a big disruption to our daily routine and Virgo just won't have that. This Venus placement often gives very chaste or very promiscuous people, but with a common denominator: avoidance of commitment. This stems however, not from a desire for freedom, but from a fear of disorder and from a natural dislike for fairytales.