Sunday, 31 March 2013

Venus in water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Venus is quite comfortable in the element of water. She is a cold and moist planet and water is cold and moist. Although Venus by herself is not particularly emotional, emotions tend to be an integral part of relationships and they are a sort of a by-product when two people are brought together.

Venus in Cancer = Not bad, but not a very good Venus either. That’s because this tends to be a clinging Venus with a sort of childish emotionality. Easily hurt, with a tendency to brood and sulk and that can put off a great number of people, who soon realize that she can’t stand a healthy - and sometimes necessary - dose of conflict. The problem is that when this Venus gets romantically involved, the other person automatically becomes a member of the family. And members of the family stay together, no matter what. That can be a great burden for the other person, who may want more freedom in a relationship and may hate always being on their toes for fear of saying or doing something that might hurt this sensitive Venus. The good side of this Venus is that she is extremely nurturing and takes great care of her loved ones, but this can also be a great burden sometimes.

Venus in Scorpio = This Venus is highly problematic and that’s because she finds herself in a sign that is totally contrary to her nature. Where Venus wants harmony and balance, Scorpio wants poisonous passion. Mars, the planet that rules Aries and Scorpio, is not a planet of relationships. He doesn’t understand them, or rather, the need for them. Passion yes, can be very interesting for Mars, because it’s something that sends the adrenalin sky high. Passions however, have a sell-by date and then a new person has to come along to stir up the passion once again. It's a sad fact that love and passion rarely have anything in common. Love is loving the other person, passion is loving what the other person makes YOU feel. So we cannot talk seriously about love for this Venus, although, to be fair, it is slightly better than Venus in Aries, because Scorpio is a fixed sign and an emotional one. Relationships may last with Venus in Scorpio, but they can never be peaceful, relaxing and enjoyable, because Scorpio can’t survive without tension.

Venus in Pisces = This is the third best Venus, after Venus in Taurus and Venus in Libra. This Venus represents the emotional part that emerges from a relationship. Pisces is a place where Venus can pretend to be all about feelings without her usual possessiveness (Taurus) or need for rules (Libra). This is why astrology authors usually call her an idealistic Venus, because she tends to have an idealistic view about love matters and often chooses to ignore the down-to-earth reality of the other person. Some authors call her promiscuous, but, if this is so, I think it is either because she's often coupled with an Aries Sun or because she finds it difficult to turn people down for fear of hurting them or because she wants to save them through love (or sex). Anyway, this is a very good Venus and despite the problems that arise sometimes, this is usually a Venus that can love and respect the other person's needs. Need we ask for anything more?