Sunday, 3 October 2010

Venus/Mars conjunction in Scorpio - A time for love? Hardly!

What is love? Astrologically, that is. Love is Venus. Which planet Venus hates the most? Mars. Venus is debilitated in both the Mars signs, as they are opposite the signs she rules. What is Scorpio? A Mars-ruled sign. Problems? Yes.
Let's look at the two Venus-ruled signs to help us understand what love is in astrology. Venus rules Taurus, where the Moon is exalted and she rules Libra, where Saturn is exalted. So, apart from Venus, love also has either a Moon or a Saturn quality. Which basically means that true love is meant to last. Either because the third party eventually becomes like family (the Moon) or because you realize the necessity of compromise, the need for a set of rules and the respect of the other person's boundaries (Saturn). Once you love someone, you love them for life, even when the relationship ends and you have moved on. It's not possible to un-love a person, simply because you've drifted apart. Like a mother never stops loving her child, no matter how incompatible they are.
Mars is about desire, passion, lust. This is fine, very exhilarating and exciting and the adrenaline hits the roof, but love it ain't. Mars wants to procreate, so, by nature, he is violently opposed to the idea of a relationship. He doesn't see the need to go on being with another person once the passion is spent. And it does get spent, no matter how hard we try to keep it alive. Mars is the person who says : "How could I have ever fallen for this person?" After the passion's gone, Mars doesn't feel anything for the other person. In fact, he almost invariably doesn't want to have anything to do with them. A person that is no longer able to inspire passion needs to disappear completely. When Mars is running the show, it is the ego that is running the show. Mars says: "I want that, I have needs and desires and I want you to satisfy them". That's why Mars is the natural ruler of divorce. Under those Mars terms, any relationship is doomed.
Naturally, a healthy relationship does involve passion and we need Mars in a relationship. But we shouldn't allow Mars to dictate our actions when it comes to relationships. If we have to fight a battle, then yes, we should give Mars free rein and leave Venus aside, but in relationships Mars should only have a supporting role. A strong one, one that would get Mars the Academy Award, but supporting nevertheless.
Now, Scorpio, has a problem. It is a Mars-ruled WATER sign. Which means that Scorpios DO want to connect, poor things. But because Mars is running the show, they often mistake passion for love. Scorpios need to fully experience their desire nature with the aim to eventually triumph over it. That doesn't leave much room for love. Nor should they try to experience love, at least in a Taurus or Libra sort of way. That's not what they are here for.
Venus is currently completely overpowered by Mars, with Mars also in Scorpio running the show. So, this Venus likes Mars stuff at the same moment that the martial energy is very strong. Is this a time for love? No. A time for passion? Definitely.