Monday, 26 October 2009

New Moon/Full Moon people

The lunations have always been considered important and a lot has been written about the various phases of the Sun/Moon cycle. The two most important phases are undoubtedly the New and Full Moon. In predictions in particular, we view the New Moon as the beginning of something, which comes to its fruition at the time of the Full Moon. At the New Moon, the Moon is very weak and completely overpowered by the Sun. At the Full Moon, the Moon is at the height of its power and glory. So, what does it mean to be born at a time like this?
As I've said in another post, I view the Moon as the behaviour that comes naturally to us, without us having to think about it. It's all about the automatic reactions of the psyche. The Sun on the other hand, is the kind of behaviour that needs to become conscious. We don't own the Sun like we do the Moon. The zodiac sign of our Sun is the kind of energy that we have to master, a sort of action that needs to be expressed consciously. If I have the Moon in Virgo, then I act like a Virgo, because this is the most natural way for me to behave. If I have the Sun in Virgo, the energy of that sign doesn't come naturally to me, but instead I need to develop Virgo qualities, because I realize that this is what I have to do, this is my mission in life. So, with the Sun in Virgo, if I display Virgo characteristics, I KNOW I'm doing it, this was my purpose all along. With the Moon in Virgo, I may be ignorant of the fact that I'm acting like a Virgo, I never question it, and it is usually others who point that out to me.
Basically, being born around the time of a New Moon means that the Moon and the Sun are in the same sign. Yes, there is a difference if the Moon is behind or after the Sun. In fact, in the first case it's not a New Moon at all, but for the purpose of this article, we are going to treat it as if it is. Let's just say that the true New Moon person will have a youthful enthusiasm and will always search for new experiences, whereas the "fake" New Moon person will probably be more passive and have a sort of piscean melancholy. But this doesn't change the fact that in both cases what is inherent and what is external is the same type of energy.
If I'm a New Moon person and provided this New Moon is free from affliction, then I probably am a very focused person. I know what I am here for. No matter how many people tell me I'm wrong, I'm certain that I'm following the right path. There is only one way to go and everything else leaves me cold. The positive side of this is that I'm not feeling torn. There is only one voice in my head and even if I repeatedly fail, I always try again, because I feel I have no choice. I may regret my failed attempts and I may experience extreme sadness, but I don't spend my whole life in self-doubt, not knowing which way to go. The price I have to pay for such self-assuredness is, very often, loneliness.
And that is because consciousness demands isolation. If I have to increase my level of consciousness, I can't think about everyday existence all day and I can't be constantly surrounded by other people. The Moon, the main significator of relationships in a natal chart, has surrendered its power to the Sun. Relationships demand a lot of time and energy and I'm just not willing to do that. Other people are simply a distraction. Of course, I'm human and I share the same basic needs with the rest of my species, but deep inside I know that I'm not suited for this kind of life. I realize, sooner or later, that relationships just hold me back after a while. After I have taken what I can from a single person, I have to move on, because if I stay with the same person for years and years, then there is no evolution or expansion of consciousness but only stagnation. New Moon energy is very Uranian in that respect. And if my New Moon is in Aries or Leo, where the Sun is extremely powerful, I may not want any relationships at all. I'm all I need.
But if I am a Full Moon person, especially if I'm born at night, then the lunar energy will dictate most of my actions. Yes, I too have a Sun, but whatever expansion of my consciousness I can achieve, it will have to come through relationships. Loneliness is my worst fear, because if I'm left alone, I feel like I'm dying. Whatever I have learned, it was because of a relationship, because of my interactions with other people. In some extreme cases, I may not know that I have a Sun at all. If, however, the Sun is strong by sign placement, then I feel torn apart by two very powerful forces that have an equal claim on my life. Whenever I make a choice and follow one of the two paths available for me, I feel miserable, because I know I have sacrificed something very important. The positive side of this is that, if I manage to achieve some sort of balance, then I will lead a much richer life than any New Moon person can. I will appreciate my opposite, because I will realize that it's not an opposite at all but myself in another form.


  1. this is extremely educating...I always thought that my enthusiastic "uranian" behaviour may contradict with my capricornian ascendant but I blamed it on my Mars in Aquarius , which is the ruler of my chart.. now I understand better how it works... same sign, the sun rules!!!nice... not bad at all...

  2. Wow is all I can say! This explains my isolation from others! It felt like this was more of reading than an random article!! Wonder how 2 new moon people will get along, I think we mite be able to stay out of each others way? And still grow! But I'm not going to lie sometimes being a new moon babe is very difficult!! It has its plusses but the minus are pretty darn high to!! Betta find a by yourself occupation!!!!

  3. This is enlightening. I searched for posts because I want to believe I was born under a new moon. My sun virgo is early and the moon Virgo is later. Chiron is centered near the sun but in-between the sun and moon. Strangers and family say I have a friendly approach but I feel as cold as ice though. What could this be?

    1. I'm not sure what you mean by "cold as ice" but Virgo is a cold and dry sign by nature. Possibly other chart factors play a part in this. Your ascendant or ascendant ruler for example.