Monday, 15 February 2016

Madonna and Rocco

Madonna's son has been in the news recently because he went to the UK to be with his dad but never returned home to his mother and now Madonna and Guy Ritchie are likely to be involved in a messy legal custody battle.

Apparently, Madonna is kind of a strict parent and Rocco feels oppressed by her and now that he is in his rebellious teenage years, he wants to move in with his dad. What does his natal chart say? (with an A Rodden rating). Is Madonna a strict parent (from the point of view of Rocco)?

Well, she kind of is :) Saturn, the 10th house ruler, is very close to ascendant. Gemini is not a bad sign for Saturn and had this been a daytime chart, this would have indicated an occasionally overbearing mother perhaps, but hardly oppressive. This is a night chart, however, and Saturn is the Infortune out of sect, which makes things worse. Jupiter on the ascendant is not going to aggravate things (a Fortune in mutual reception with the ruler of the ascendant), but he is in detriment and he won't be able to offer significant help.

Furthermore, the Moon, natural significator of mothers in nocturmal charts, is in detriment in Carpicorn, again repeating the saturnian theme regarding the mother. The Moon is also in the 8th house ("fear and anguish of mind" according to Lilly) and it seems that Madonna is a cause of anxiety for Rocco. Madonna seems a fairly liberal person to us all, but Rocco apparently disagrees.

Now look at the father. The father is Sun in Leo, wow! The father is a king, who has his own set of rules and doesn't care about what society thinks of him. So there's a great difference here. For Rocco, Madonna is the parent who is trying to shape hin into becoming the person SHE thinks he should be, whereas Guy is the parent that allows Rocco to be whoever he wants to be.

The Lots have the same rulers as well. The Lot of Father is in Leo and the Lot of Mother's in Aquarius. No change.

So, we have two very different images of the two parents. Where does Rocco stand in the middle of this? He is Mercury in Leo, so the father image seems much more appealing. He is also conjunct Mars, the other planet of the "self". No, Rocco doesn't like Saturn, he doesn't like other people's rules and being told what to do, but this is his chart, his Moon (light of sect), his Saturn conjunct the ascendant, so he'll always be and people will always treat him as Madonna's son. Whoever he ends up living with, is irrelevant. He'll never be as "free" as he would like to be. Which isn't so bad really, at least in his case. This Mercury/Mars conjunction can lead him into trouble, if left completely uncontrolled. Madonna has a point, indeed. She just needs to go easy on the Saturn and get a better grasp of what her son is going through. She is a Leo Sun herself, after all.