Sunday, 25 January 2009

America and the sign of Cancer

I was watching the other day an episode of the US version of Ugly Betty (by the way, the US version is by far the best compared to all the trash we've watched in other countries) and it dawned on me that it must be difficult to live in the US if you have a strong Uranus. Kate Winslet in Revolutionary Road will surely attest to that. The zodiac sign of Cancer is prominent in the US horoscope and it shows.
In the episode, Betty's father had a heart attack but Betty because of serious work problems couldn't be there to hold his hand. And I suddenly remembered all those movies and TV shows where there is a negligent parent (the father usually) who misses school plays, football matches, goes back on his promises to the child and so on. Even though the parent has a more than legitimate excuse for his absence, his behaviour is nothing less than a deadly sin. Family comes first, it seems, for the Americans.
Over the years, we've also watched scenes in American films where the hero moves into a new neighbourhood and immediately their new neighbours knock on their door with food, presents and words of welcome. This is most certainly considered the done thing, but has it ever occurred to these people that it's rude to impose your presence? What about privacy? By knocking on a stranger's door, you suddenly become known to this person and then the invitations start and the new member of the community feels obliged to attend and knows that it is expected of him/her to invite them back and so forth. Is it such a crime to wait and allow the other person room to breathe?
No to mention the fact that when you break off a relationship you are expected to get back in the game as soon as possible. No, I want to be by myself for a while and think things through and I want to be depressed and there's nothing wrong with that. Is temporary loneliness and rightful depression such a bad thing that entitles the hordes of friends and relatives to descend on you offering their help without asking them to?
Of course not all Americans are like that. But if the cultural products that a country exports are anything to go by, then Uranian people must suffocate living in an environment like that, because they will no doubt be considered bizarre and eccentric. Eccentricity and Uranus may go hand in hand, but some energies are more easily expressed in certain parts of the world and vice versa. Richard Idemon was right when he said that in order to make an accurate astrological analysis, you have to take into account the social environment your client lives in.

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