Thursday, 19 March 2009

The tragic death of Natasha Richardson

Natasha Richardson, the actress and daughter of Vanessa Redgrave, died yesterday following an accident during a ski lesson. It's always extremely sad when someone dies like that, because it's not something you can foresee or prevent and it makes you feel at the mercy of some mysterious fate. Traditional astrology has always been concerned with death and the length of life, because it's no use making ten year or so predictions for someone who is going to be hit by a bus the next day. Modern astrology, however, has never been comfortable with the subject of death, which, it claims, cannot be accurately predicted. Let's have a look at Richardson's chart:

From the traditional point of view, this chart does not promise a long and uneventful life. The degree of the Ascendant (13o Libra), if the birth time is precise, may have some minor dignities, as it is in the terms of a benefic (Jupiter) and Jupiter itself is in the terms of Venus, but Jupiter casts an unfavourable aspect (opposition) to the Ascendant. More importantly, the Ascendant ruler (Venus), which is also the 8th house (death) ruler, is in the sign of its' detriment (Aries). The Sun, since this is a diurnal chart, is also a significator of the length of life and in Richardson's chart the Sun is peregrine, and weakened even further by being in the 8th house. There is a mixed mutual reception with Venus (Venus exalts the Sun and the Sun is ruled by Venus), but since they are both weak, they are not able to help each other much. The Sun is also afflicted by its' square to Saturn, which is a particularly strong Saturn in Aquarius and in the 5th house, therefore overpowering the Sun. Secondary progressed Saturn has returned to its' exact natal position and, at the time of death, transiting Venus (her chart and 8th house ruler) was retrogade in Aries. A most afflicted Venus, exactly opposite her Ascendant at the time of death, is not a very good omen.
Where modern astrology exacts its' revenge however, is the most impressive progressed aspects to the outer planets. Even if we ignore the T-square that the Saturn/Uranus opposition is now forming with her natal moon, we cannot help but be astounded by the simultaneous exact conjunctions of her two progressed angles (Ascendant, Midheaven) with natal Neptune and Uranus respectively. Any modern astrologer would at least have predicted a significant year for Natasha Richardson. These are two planets that she wasn't probably particularly fond of. Her Sun widely opposes Neptune and being in earthy Taurus, does not welcome any Neptune interference. The Saturn square to her Sun seems a lot stronger. Uranus, with its' eccentricity and its' tendency towards erratic and unpredictable behaviour does not bond well with Natasha's longing for stability and safety. So, she had two difficult planets for her activated at the same time, by powerful conjunctions to the angles.
I'm not sure who wins, but that's not important, especially over a tragic event like this. The two different astrological points of view must learn to co-operate, because astrology itself has a lot ot gain from this co-operation.
I offer my deepest condolences to the family of Natasha Richardson. She was a most elegant actress, following a long tradition of British actors, who made acting seem like something effortless and natural.


  1. does appear there is this element
    of mystery to the accident ... absolutely terrifying...
    perhaps if someone is a student of astrology or
    regularly consults with one they might be more
    likely to be wary of even 'minor' incidents...
    but really, it just seems too difficult.
    How cruel that humans are subject to such forces of fate and the stars... no wonder the attempt to dispell the effects thru science and
    rational materialistic thinking...
    It almost seems as if it's foul play in way.
    But who is there to blame? God? How could one not feel anger towards God over something like this? It's a nightmare-

  2. Yes it is cruel... Horribly, terribly cruel... What's even more disturbing is the way she died. She just decided to go on a holiday and have a ski lesson. What's more innocent than that? So, life must have a meaning, otherwise it's completely pointless and someone is playing a sadistic joke on us. I think astrology is one of the ways we try to find that meaning and make life more bearable.

  3. You said the magic word : "Life, must have a meaning..." I couldn't agree more!