Sunday, 14 June 2009

Horary - Federer's win at Roland Garros

I cast this horary chart on Saturday morning, after the two players for the final the following day were determined, asking who will win, Federer or Soderling. I will use the John Frawley method for interpreting this chart.

1st step: Determine which house goes to whom. Since I strongly support Federer and desperately wanted him to finally win a Roland Garros title, Federer gets the 1st house and Soderling - his enemy - the 7th.

2nd step: Determine the condition of the houses, if there are any planets afflicting or strengthening them. Federer has neither. Soderling, however, has Pluto right on the cusp, which means that Pluto controls the house and not controlled by it. For me, this is a major testimony that Soderling is going to lose and he is going to lose BIG. But let's humour Frawley and refrain from using any outer planets, even though in this case I think even he couldn't have possibly ignored Pluto.

3rd step: Determine the condition of the house rulers. Federer gets the Moon and Soderling gets Saturn. What we are looking for here, since this is a contest chart, is accidental dignity and not essential dignity. The Moon is in the sign of its' fall, but that needn't concern us. What does concern us however, is that it's less than two degrees away from the 6th house cusp and therefore it is a 6th house planet. Not good. At least it has lots of light. Saturn on the other hand is accidentally dignified by being angular. Both planets are slow. Saturn receives a square from the Sun, which is not particularly harmful, considering that they are both in Mercury-ruled signs and the Sun likes Saturn by being in his triplicity. The Moon (Federer) squares Jupiter, but Jupiter is peregrine. Not much help there. Quite the contrary.

So, if we leave it at that and ignore Pluto, we must decide that Soderling is going to win the match. But we've forgotten antiscia. Is anything there worth mentioning? Yes! The Moon (Federer) is very closely conjunct the North Node by antiscion. This is extremely powerful and could decide a match by itself, according to Frawley. So, combined with Pluto on the 7th house cusp and the fact that it has a lot of light, it's more than likely that Federer is going to win the match, even though he is not in his very best condition. And so it proved. Federer won in straight sets and Soderling admitted that he was completely overpowered by him.

Federer makes history


  1. Great judgement - well done ! Just strated reading Frawley - and looking for questions on contests ! Thanks

  2. Thank you! I like John Frawley's simple approach to horary. I've read a few other authors, but they were nowhere near as precise and clear.