Monday, 16 November 2009

The destructive face of Uranus

I've already mentioned in another entry how important it is to have a healthy Saturn to counterbalance the effects of the outer planets. Saturn may be responsible for a lot of our problems, but it defines who we are at the most basic level and it keeps our different parts glued together. Without Saturn we wouldn't be able to function at an everyday level and we would be prey to every passing "demonic" influence, to use a Christian term. We need to understand that no matter how fond we are of the outer planets, no matter how much we are addicted to the glamour they are surrounded in by modern astrology, they can be exactly that. Demonic.
Why is that? Because the outer planets don't care about who you are, what matters to you, why you have the daily routines that you have. They don't realize how important and necessary your structures are, all you have to do is invite them in and then all hell breaks loose. The outer planets are like small children who just want to play. They don't care about your expensive vase and they don't care about your efforts to keep your house in order. So, in that sense they can be extremely destructive, unless you have someone to watch over them. And that someone is Saturn.
Can Uranus be destructive? Yes. Uranus may be all about new knowledge, new ideas, that light bulb in your head that suddenly hits upon something, that urge for change, for eliminating old and obsolete elements of your environment that stand in the way of progress, but... But it doesn't build. It hates form and establishment and simply wants to bring it down. In a sense, this is very useful, because it is uranian people who always seem to be the bringers of light and it is thanks to them that society has evolved. But you can't put them in charge, because they will wreak havoc. They have no idea how to implement any of that new knowledge that seems to come automatically in their heads. After they have offered their gifts to humanity, they have to be chained to a rock, like Prometheus. They are completely incapable of doing anything practical and useful with all that knowledge they have been blessed with. They just put it out there and it is saturnian people who will take on the task to clean up the mess they have left behind and try to make the best use of the valuable things hidden somewhere inside this mess.
So, what happens when Uranus runs amok? How do heavily uranian people behave sometimes? Like a virus. They don't have their own body, their own form, and search for someone else's body, someone else's form. They infiltrate a foreign body and get down to business. At first, they are welcomed because they offer something new and exciting, the foreign body doesn't perceive them as a threat and they themselves are happy to have found a base from which they can launch their missiles. But pretty soon, they suffocate, they start hating they body which was kind enough to offer them hospitality and realize that they have to leave, otherwise they will die. Why? Because the body has tried to enforce some rules on them. It tried to make them understand that they are incredibly useful, but so are the other cells. All the cells need to work harmoniously if the body is to survive. But Uranus can't understand that, because it has no affection for the other cells and the survival of the body is not its' main concern. It will eventually find another body to infiltrate. So, it doesn't leave peacefully. Instead, it declares war on the body and tries to take it over completely. In that case, you need to have your immune system (Saturn) in perfect working order.
Uranian people need to learn respect. Respect for the existence of rules. They can and should try to change their contents and that is of great value to humanity, but they need to understand the necessity of having rules. Or, at least, suggest a practical and viable model of how to live without rules. Until then, they must learn to control themselves.


  1. what happens when Saturn conjucts with the natal Uranus in the 8th house? does Saturn help Uranus become friends with fate or Saturn gets messed up and your mind is blasting by fatal or superficial ideas?

  2. The 8th house is not a very strong house and unless this conjunction is closely aspected by personal planets or Saturn is the ruler of the Ascendant, it might not be very evident in a person's life. But this person belongs to a generation that has to bring Uranus down to earth. A generation that has to honour Uranus, but at the same time find ways to make it accessible to everybody.

  3. coo coo!!! Saturn ruler of the ascendant!!!