Sunday, 15 August 2010

Contest horary - Nadal vs Murray

This is the chart I cast for the match between World No 1 Nadal and Andy Murray in the Roger's Cup.

I supported Murray, so he gets the 1st house ruler (Saturn) and Nadal the 7th (Moon). First and foremost we consider accidental dignity. None of the two planets is angular. Saturn is in the 8th house and the Moon in the 9th. Not much accidental dignity for either of them. Frawley considers the 8th house weaker than the 9th, even though succedent, which gives Nadal a slight advantage. Since there is no great discrepancy in power, we need to check essential dignity. Murray is by far the strongest of the two, with Saturn being in the sign of its exaltation, triplicity and term! The Moon on the other hand is peregrine and not only that but it exalts Saturn, its opponent, which is not a good sign according to Frawley.
The Moon is also in the via combusta (between 15 Libra and 15 Scorpio), a serious affliction, but it is also closely conjunct Spica (though separating), a fortunate fixed star.
It seems that all that impressive essential dignity was enough to enable Murray to win. He won in straight sets.

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