Saturday, 18 September 2010

George Michael imprisoned

I cast a horary chart a couple of weeks ago, when I heard about George's court case. The question was: "Will George Michael go to jail?" This is the chart:

Since George Michael is "any old person" for me, he gets the 7th house. So, he is Mars in his detriment, in the 6th house, the turned 12th. He is guilty (his planet in detriment), but we didn't need horary to tell us that, we knew that already. The 12th house is the house of self-undoing, it is here that we look for habits or behaviours that harm us. Do George's habits harm him? Yes, both the sign and the exaltation ruler of his 12th house (Libra) are there and very strong. He is also there, so he is completely overpowered by them.
But this is a question about jail. Will he go to prison? He is already in the turned 12th, but when I asked the question he was not yet imprisoned. But using the Moon as the flow of events, we see that it first opposed Mars (George) and it is about to oppose the turned 12th house ruler (Venus), translating light from George to prison, thus bringing them together. Which means that yes, he will go to prison.
What seems promising is that first the 12th house ruler (Venus) will enter Scorpio, the sign of its detriment and Mars (George) will soon follow suit, in the sign it rules. So it seems that the shock of this prison sentence may actually prove beneficial for George in the long run, because the chart suggests he will manage to triumph over his long-lasting self-destructive behaviour. Let's hope this will indeed be the case.

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  1. Your writing style is very nice, and I had read so many articles, that show your long and passionate commitment to the Art of Astrology.
    The specific illustration of horary chart is a bid controversial though. I don't disagree with you, that every astrologer, has his "own techniques" of interpretation, however the Ascendant was at the 28th degree of Taurus. Since you respect the old astrologers and the old schools of astrology, there is this saying, that when you are asking the starts for an event, and the Ascendant is in the latest degrees of its' cusp, the event, is already crystallized, and there is nothing we can do about it. Also I was expecting some further analysis of the ruler of ascendant (Venus) with the aspects of moon in the 12th house, which is not only the "self-undoing", is the institutions, hospitals, restraints and prisons.
    In any case, keep-up the good work, and I promise to continue following you :)