Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Federer/Djokovic/Nadal - The rivalry and the 7th house

I've been watching these three players this year and what seems interesting is how they play against each other. Djokovic is the indisputable No 1 and he has had an amazing year. However, he seems to have a harder time beating Federer than he has beating Nadal. Federer himself seems more at ease playing the "unbeatable" Djokovic, whereas when he faces Nadal, he feels weak at the knees. 

Of course, one can argue that it's the kind of game each one plays, which could be more suited to playing a particular opponent. But when you become No 1, and all of these players have reached that point at some stage, this means you are able to beat anybody.

 Can astrology shed some light into this? Unfortunately, Djokovic's chart in the astrodata bank has a C rating, so we will have to make do with the charts of the other two.

Astrologically, this is a 1st/7th house matter. As I see it, when a player walks into the court, he becomes his 1st house and the opponent his 7th house. So, what happens to these players' 7th house when they play against each other? 

Federer has a Virgo Ascendant and a Pisces 7th house. Djokovic, unless the birth time we have is terribly wrong, has the Moon in Pisces. This Moon is waxing, has very little little light and it's peregrine. It is not received by its sign ruler (Jupiter doesn't aspect it), but, fortunately, is in a mutual reception by exaltation with an extraordinarily dignified Venus in Taurus. This helps a lot. Djokovic's Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces, is also peregrine in Aries, but it's in a mutual reception with Mars in Cancer, the sign of its fall. So for Federer, when he plays Djokovic, Jupiter isn't much of a problem, but he looks directly at the Moon in Pisces in his 7th house, which, by itself is not a dangerous opponent, but can become extremely dangerous when Venus steps in. All in all, Federer may regard Djokovic as a worthy opponent, but he is not in awe of him.

However, when he plays Nadal, it's a completely different story. Federer looks across the court and what does he see? He sees Jupiter in Pisces (Nadal's natal placement)! So, when he plays Nadal, he feels he is playing against the king and most of the time all he can do is bow at his greatness.

Now, what happens when Nadal plays Djokovic? Nadal (Scorpio Ascendant, Taurus 7th house) looks across the court and sees an extremely powerful Venus in Taurus! He just cannot believe he can beat him.

Naturally, this doesn't mean than any player with Venus in Taurus can beat Nadal or any player with Jupiter in Pisces can beat Federer. That would be absurd. Even if the, let's say, No 500 ranked player in the world has Jupiter in Pisces and may even at some point snatch a victory from Federer, there's such a difference in the quality of their games that the low ranked player cannot expect anything more. But we are talking here about top players who are at the same level and who wins each time is not determined by how good they are, but how they feel towards one another.

Nor does this mean that Nadal will always beat Federer or Djokovic will always beat Nadal. They seem, however, to have the upper hand, now that they've all reached the same level.


  1. Dear Petros,

    This should be Novak's natal chart according to one astro forum I am visiting.


    Kind regards,


  2. Thank you Penelope, this is the same chart that is in the astrodatabank, but the source is apparently unreliable. Anyway, if we use this chart, neither Nadal nor Federer have any planets in Aquarius (Djokovic's 7th house), so there's no direct threat for Novak. Federer's Saturn however, is exalted in Libra whereas Nadal's Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius. Federer is perceived as more of a threat by Djokovic.

  3. I can't wait to go the Australian Open 2012 ! I went last year and had one of the best times with my friends. Being able to watch Djokovic and Clijsters take the wins was amazing and having the opportunity to see parts of Australia at the same time was a great experience.