Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Shirley MacLaine: A mommie dearest?

In a few days, a book by Shirley MacLaine’s daughter, Sachi Parker, is going to be released with some bitter comments about her mother, especially the fact that she felt neglected and abandoned. She describes her mother as a very career-driven person that couldn't stand being around her only child for more than four hours, which was very hurtful for her when she was growing up. Shirley has not commented on any of this and perhaps she never will.
Shirley’s chart has an impressive mutual reception by domicile between the two benefics, Venus and Jupiter. Venus is also exalted in Pisces and it is one of those not so frequent occasions that Venus is correctly placed (nocturnally) in a diurnal chart, in the 6th house but in the same sign as the descendant. This is a wonderful Venus and she is the ruler of her 9th house of “higher knowledge”. No wonder she is so much interested in this otherworldly stuff. For the lovers of modern astrology, we also have a Moon/Neptune conjunction in the 12th house.
Her 5th house is in Aquarius with Saturn there in domicile. A somewhat “austere” 5th house, not much prone to fun and games and with Saturn there, not many children can be expected. Shirley has had only one child, Sachi, who she sent to live with her father in Japan for a number of years. Shirley mentions in her books that it was wonderful for Sachi to have experienced two different cultures, but it seems that for the daughter, her childhood wasn’t exactly a fairytale. That's what she says at least. Also, this placement (Saturn in the 5th) seems to corroborate the daughter's story that she was a burden to her mother.
This year’s solar return has the 5th house ruler (Jupiter) conjunct the MC. The daughter “goes public”. However, it’s Jupiter and in Taurus, which isn’t so bad. This month’s lunar return has the 5th house ruler (Mars) in the 1st house and the ruler of the ascendant (Saturn) is in the 9th house exactly squaring the ascendant. Since we are talking about Mars (daughter) and Saturn (Shirley) here, the two Infortunes, we can expect some difficulty, also considering the square aspects. However, Mars and Saturn are in strong mutual reception by domicile and this is quite encouraging. Yes, Mars and Saturn are in signs that square each other and they are both afflicting the ascendant (Saturn is also in the LR 9th house, the daughter’s 5th from the 5th = the daughter’s baby = her book), so some discomfort is to be expected and perhaps some animosity, but the mutual reception offers them a chance to patch things up eventually.
Which might prove to be a very good idea as next year (from this year's birthday to the next one) may be a very difficult one for Shirley. Next year's solar return has retrograde Saturn conjunct the ascendant with Mars repeating his natal position (combust and in detriment) and opposing the ascendant. We also have the lunar return for 18th May repeating the SR pattern and we should not leave out the fact that secondary progressed Mars (natal 8th house ruler) will conjunct the natal MC (if we subtract 5 minutes from her birth time). A difficult year, no doubt, and it would be helpful if mother and daughter were on friendly terms.

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