Sunday, 1 December 2013

Paul Walker's tragic death and chart rectification

We don't have a birth time for Paul Walker (at least I don't) so I'll "play around" with his chart and try to find one possible birth time. I do not know much about him, so I'm going to rely on two major events in his life that are known to everybody. His death yesterday (30th November 2013) and his big breakthough with the first film of the Fast and Furious series, in 2001. Naturally, two events, however major, are hardly sufficient to provide any certainty about the birth time, but let's give it a shot.

Let's start with the time of death. If we follow Ptolemy, the primary candidates as killing planets are Saturn and Mars. In Paul Walker's chart they are both in a severely debilitated state. Saturn is in detriment and conjunct the South Node and Mars is also in detriment in Taurus. We see that around 40 years of age (a little more, a little less -depending on which method of calculation you prefer) we have the direction of the Sun (19o49' Virgo) to the the square of Mars (8o54' Leo). You can already see that the zodiacal distance between these two points is around 41 degrees. Of course we need the distance in right ascension here, but it's not going to be a lot different than 41, in fact somewhat less. This direction also seems to fit the manner of Walker's death, as he died in a fiery car crash (Mars, a fiery planet that rules machines).

However, this means that the Sun must be the hyleg. In order to satisfy most of the methods on how to identify the hyleg, we should make Walker's nativity a diurnal one and we must avoid the 9th, 8th, 12th and perhaps 7th (where the Sun sets) houses of the chart, which leaves us with the 10th and 11th houses.

We also know that Walker became famous in 2001 with the release of the first Fast and Furious film. If we put the Sun in the 10th house, there doesn't seem to be an obvious and important direction for such a significant event that changed his life. If we put the Sun, however, in the 11th house, that would place Leo in the 10th and the Sun would be its ruler. So, a primary direction of the Sun to the conjunction of the Midheaven would give us the desired result. Based on that direction, we would have an MC at 20o53' Leo and an ascendant at 14o24' Scorpio. With these placements, both events are covered.

Does it fit generally, however? It seems that it does. A Scorpio ascendant would give us Mars as its ruler, which, in turn, would be angular in the 7th house and in detriment. This fact alone, signals danger.  This year's solar return has Mars (in Leo!) conjunct the ascendant and square Saturn in Scorpio. The lunar return has Sagittarius ascending with Jupiter retrograde in Cancer in the 8th house! Finally, Saturn is currently conjunct this ascendant.

Feel free to comment, particularly if you disagree or have another birth time to propose.

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