Tuesday, 12 January 2016

David Bowie's illness

This is David Bowie's natal chart (A rating).

This is the SR chart of the year that David Bowie was diagnosed with liver cancer,

First of all, let's have a look at the natal chart. Do we have any reasons to worry about health? Yes.

1) Both Lights (vitality) are weak. The Sun is in the 12th house. There is a mutual reception with Saturn, but it is doubtful that it will help much. Saturn is in a very poor condition and there is no aspect between the two. The Moon is afflicted by the close conjunction with Saturn.

2) The Moon is also the 6th house ruler and she is angular, so illness is prominent.The Moon is also the lord of the Lot of Sickness. Bad news.

3) Saturn, the ascendant ruler (body) is an Infortune retrograde and in detriment.

4) Jupiter, natural ruler of liver, is not bad, but the 5th house ruler (liver), Mercury, is in the weak 12th house applying to combustion.

The Solar return chart:

1) David's natal 6th house (illness) is in Cancer. Cancer is the SR ascending sign, which is one testimony that perhaps health issues may be prominent that year,

2) The SR 6th house ruler (illness) is in the SR 1st house (body). Another clear and unfortunate testimony.

3) Jupiter is exalted, but he is retrograde, squares Mars in detriment, opposes the Sun and squares the Moon (natal 6th house ruler). A very nasty T-cross.

4) The SR 5th house (liver) is afflicted by both the Infortunes in a bad state. The mutual reception is without an aspect.

5) SR Saturn is closely conjunct natal Jupiter (liver).

So, would an astrologer warn him about a health danger? Yes, the very clear involvement of the 6th house deserves a mention at least.

Interestingly, if his birth time is correct, the directed ascendant had just entered (2016) the terms (eguptian) of Mercury, the natal 5th house ruler (liver).

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