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2016 USA presidential elections - Part 1 - Hillary's birth time

Predicting the outcome of an election from the natal charts of the candidates is difficult enough as it is. It becomes almost impossible when you don’t have an accurate birth time, which is the case for Hillary. However, it seems that Hillary was either born around 8am or around 8pm. There are other times proposed, particularly by astrologers who have rectified her chart. Astrodatabank seems to prefer the morning time. In this first article about the elections, I will make an attempt to choose between the two most likely birth times. Since I do not know Hillary personally and I know nothing about her character or her private life, I will restrict myself to a few major public events to base my judgement.
Morning chart

Evening chart

a) Eminent husband: Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton, was twice elected as President of the United States. This must be shown somehow in Hillary’s nativity. The evening chart has Sagittarius in the 7th house, with Jupiter also in Sagittarius, the sign he rules. You can’t get more eminent than that. Jupiter is also the ruler of the 10th house, therefore connecting Hillary’s success with her husband. In the morning chart, Venus, who rules the 7th house, is in detriment in Scorpio making squares with both the Infortunes. Somehow, this configuration doesn’t seem to describe Bill Clinton accurately. Evening chart wins.

b) Date of marriage (11 October 1975): The primarily directed ascendant in the evening chart was exactly opposite this wonderful Jupiter at the time of their marriage, therefore putting him exactly on the 7th house cusp, which is the strongest testimony possible for a marriage. Her secondary progressed Sun was also conjunct natal Jupiter. Finally, the solar return for that year has Sagittarius on the ascendant, the degree of which is exactly conjunct natal Jupiter! Amazing. However, the trine between Mars (Hillary) and Venus (Bill) in the primary directions of the morning chart can’t be ignored and the same goes for the solar return chart with Saturn (the SR 7th house ruler) in the ascendant. Although Saturn implies a not very happy year for Hillary, nevertheless, it’s an astrologically valid testimony for marriage. I still think that the evening chart is better, but let’s put the marriage aside for the moment.

c) Birth of daughter (27 February 1980): In the primary directions of the evening chart, we have a trine (with latitude) between Mercury (Hillary) and Saturn (co - almuten of the 5th house = children). In the secondary progressions, Mercury (Hillary) makes a partile conjunction with natal Venus (domicile ruler of the 5th house). The solar return chart of the year she became pregnant (1978-1979) has Mars in Scorpio, ruler of the 5th house, conjunct the ascendant! In the primary directions of the morning chart, we have a trine between Mars and Venus, significators of both Hillary and the child. The solar return for the year 1979-1980 has again Saturn in the ascendant, with Saturn being the 5th house ruler. We notice the same pattern with the marriage, both events indicated by Saturn in the 1st in the solar return charts. If the morning time is correct, then both marriage and child were kind of a burden for Hillary. I don’t know if there is any truth in that.
I think the evening chart is clearer, but, again, let’s not rush into judgement.

d) 1992 elections:In the evening chart, the secondary progressed Moon (light of sect) was conjunct Jupiter (Bill/success) around that time. In the solar return chart, the Moon, (almuten of the ascendant) is in the 7th sign from the ascendant (husband) and in strong mutual reception with the 7th house ruler, Mars. Mars is also the almuten of the 10th house and so the natal pattern which connects the 7h and the 10th houses was repeated that year. The lunar return chart also repeats the same pattern. Angular Mars is almuten of the 10th house (success) and co-almuten of the 7th (Bill) and is conjunct the ascendant (Hillary).In the primary directions we have a sextile between Mercury (Hillary) and Jupiter (husband/success).
Morning chart: We have a Sun sextile Venus (Bill) in the primary directions, the solar return is quite impressive (10th house ruler in the ascendant and 7th house ruler in the 10th) and the lunar return chart is not so impressive with a square between the Sun and Saturn in domicile in the 7th and 10th houses.
Difficult to choose, but I would again pick the evening chart, because of the repetition of the natal pattern.

e) Lewinski scandal: Bill made the announcement on August 17th, 1998.
Evening chart: Secondary progressed Mars exactly conjuct the IC. Secondary progressed Sun opposite secondary progressed Uranus. The two planets of rupture, therefore, were activated. In the primary directions we have an activation of Neptune with Mercury (Hillary) square Neptune and Saturn square Neptune. If we want to go modern with this, Hillary belongs to the Neptune in Libra generation, for whom God or redemption can be found in relationships (although Hillary is not a true child of that generation, with Uranus on the ascendant and all those Scorpio planets). When Neptune is hit hard, illusions about such a thing as a perfect relationship are dispersed. We also have directed Pluto on the ascendant, which implies “death and regeneration”.The solar return chart is impressive, with Uranus (again) exactly conjunct the 7th house cusp and Saturn retrograde and in fall is conjunct the MC!. Her publilc image was seriously damaged and by whom? Her husband (Saturn rules the 7th house). They did not break up as Jupiter, a Fortune, is also in the 7th house in mutual reception with Saturn and there are trines between this Saturn and Mars abd Venus in the 5th house.The lunar return chart is also impressive, with Saturn (10th house ruler = exposure) on the ascendant and Mars (again!) angular and in fall ruling the 7th house and co-almuten of the 10th house, repeating the natal pattern.
Morning chart: There are quite a few hard aspects between the Moon and Mars and the outer planets, which could explain the situation. The secondary progressions offer nothing extra with the change of birth time and the return charts are less impressive (although there are some indications) than the ones with the evening time.
The evening time, I think, wins again.

f) Death of mother: This occurred on 1 November 2011.
Evening chart: Taking latitude into account, we have an Asc/Saturn conjunction in the secondary progressions and primary directions, Very important. Saturn (especially in Hillary’s chart, because he is in detriment) is a natural indicator of misfortune, but in Hillary’s chart he rules death and is one the mother’s rulers (being the ruler of the Lot of Mother). The solar return chart has Mercury ruling both mother and death (10th and 8th houses) conjunct the ascendant. Venus, natal almuten of the mother, is also conjunct the ascendant of the solar return chart and makes a partile square with Mars, ruler of the turned 8th house in the solar return chart. The Venus/Mars square in the solar return chart also activates natal Saturn (Mars makes a partile conjunction with Saturn and Venus a partile square).
Morning chart: With the Asc/Saturn conjunction out of the way, there doesn’t seem to be anything worth of note in the secondary progressions. In the primary directions, we have a Sun/Saturn conjunction, which is important, although it’s not directly linked to her mother (unless one uses the whole sign house system, where the Sun is the ruler of the 10th house). The solar return chart has the Moon (mother in nocturnal charts) conjunct Saturn (8th house ruler).
Again, a not so easy choice to make, but I would side again with the evening chart because of the very clear Asc/Saturn conjunction, which is more personal than a Sun/Saturn conjunction.

Finally, the Asc/Saturn conjunction in the evening chart was still active (without latitude this time) a year later when she was treated for a blood clot, following a concussion she had sustained earlier (ascendant = body, Saturn = coagulation).

Conclusion: Between these two birth times, I think the evening time makes a much clearer presentation of the major events in her life. The morning time is not bad, but less clear, in my opinion.

Update (3 October 2016): Another birth time has resurfaced, that of  2:18 am, which is apparently confirmed, but not very convincingly. Anyway, this is probably the worst time for Hillary. I haven't examined it thoroughly, but the mere fact that her ascendant and 10th house ruler, Mercury, is retrograde, conjunct the South Node and forms a partile square with Saturn in detriment. looks very bad for Hillary. 

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