Thursday, 20 April 2017

French elections 2017

It’s very difficult to make a prediction about the French elections based on the natal charts of the candidates because their charts are a clear example of why we need perfect exactitude of birth times. Remember, just a four – minute difference is a whole year in the life of the native.
Lepen should win IF her progressed MC is conjunct Jupiter, the almuten of the natal MC. This is true only if she were born 5-6 minutes later, which is more than a year away. Even if we take latitude into account, this conjunction is still not exact at the time of the elections. The same goes for Macron, but this time we need only a 3 – minute change in his birth time. If this change is made, the ascendant of the current solar return is exactly conjunct natal Saturn. That is rarely a good thing, but in Macron’s case, Saturn is the ruler of the ascendant and he is conjunct Regulus, who is now in Virgo. The North Node is also going to be conjunct natal Saturn at the time of the elections. There is also an ascendant/Venus conjunction in the directions and a Mars/Jupiter conjunction since 2015 up to 2019 (latitude included). Mars is the almuten of the ascendant and Jupiter is the ruler of the MC (if we make the slight change in his birth time).
Fillon should do quite well if the birth time we have is exact and if the MC in the solar return chart is in Libra, conjunct Jupiter and sextile Saturn on the ascendant (strong mutual reception). Mars opposes this Jupiter, though. His lunar return chart (again if the birth time is exact) has an ascendant in 0o Virgo, conjunct Regulus. This is very good but Mars in the 10th squares the ascendant. I don’t see him as the final winner, but he can do better than expected, if his birth time is exact.
Αlthough Melenchon is quite close to the others in the polls, I don’t think he stands a great chance of doing something significant. He has some fortunate primary directions, but the return charts are not particularly good.
To sum up, I do think than Macron is closer to winning this election, unless Lepen’s birth time is not accurate and her progressed MC is conjunct Jupiter. If that is the case, she can win this. Otherwise, I think Macron stands a better chance.

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