Saturday, 16 May 2009

A blessing in disguise - Mercury retrograde

No, it's not yet another attempt by a modern astrologer to prove that in God's creation everything is benign. But I feel that there is some truth in the Christian maxim which says that "All things intermingle for good for those who love God". This is not the same as saying that everything is good. Instead, good and bad are quite distinct and both exist, but there is a possibility to make good use of bad things. This doesn't mean that bad changes its nature. Bad is bad.
So, retrograde Mercury is bad. All those things we read in astrology books and magazines, yes, they do happen. Things get lost or misplaced, we sign or buy things and everything goes wrong, we say things we regret afterwards... But we can't freeze life every time Mercury goes retrograde, not only because it is impossible, but also because, after all, these things don't happen to all of us.
In his book Horoscope Symbols, Robert Hand explains that when a planet goes retrograde, it is, in fact, closer to earth than usual, so, if anything, it is stronger. Remember, this is a criterion used in traditional astrology to determine the strength of certain fixed stars. The closer, the better. It's also an argument traditional astrologers make against the use of outer planets, saying that they are ineffectual as they are not visible with the naked eye. So, instead of calling them weak, we should start regarding retrograde planets as being more powerful. When a planet goes retrograde therefore, everything connected with this planet comes to the foreground, for good or for ill.
Mercury is about communication and intellect (Gemini), distinction and order (Virgo), if we want to summarize him, somewhat awkwardly, in a few words. If we show respect for this deity in our lives, then Mercury's retrograde period passes by harmlessly. But if we don't, we pay the price. If we don't have order in our houses, then we will lose things. So, this is a time to realize how much we need order, if we don't want such a thing to happen again. If we do not think things through, this is a time to suffer the consequences. It's as simple as that.
The most frequent occurrence, I think, when Mercury goes retrograde, are the misunderstandings that take place. We say one thing, but mean another. But it's not that we've suddenly become unclear, we've always been that way, it's just that other people were able to read between the lines or the matter in question was not that important. In Mercury's retrograde periods, we realize that we have to make an effort to become understood. So, our communication skills become better if we manage to keep this up after Mercury has gone direct.
We also fall out with friends and colleagues, because we can't seem to be able to keep our mouths shut. But, viewed from another perspective, we are finally being honest and saying things we've kept inside for so long. We do it badly and offend people, because when you bottle up emotions, you give them tremendous energy, so, when you finally burst, all hell breaks loose. If only we could find the strength to show a certain amount of honesty earlier.
We should, therefore, use these periods to improve all the things Mercury rules and we are given the chance to learn from our mistakes. What usually happens, however, is that we forget all about it when Mercury goes direct and things go back to being dangerously normal.


  1. Do you mean that all the misunderstandings took place while Mercury was retrograde, clear when Mercury goes direct?

  2. No, I don't mean that.What I mean is that when Mercury goes retrograde, the misunderstandings that take place are a direct result of the lack of true communication when it is direct. When it is retrograde, we finally want to tell the truth, but we don't know how to do it properly because we've suppressed the truth for so long.

  3. Ok. I got it now!Thanks a lot!