Saturday, 30 May 2009

The Seanie B situation - Solar and lunar principles

If you are a fan of the bizarre and intriguing show Lost like I am, then you probably want to have some answers as to what the writers are thinking and where the plot is going. There are several bloggers or people on Youtube who do just that. One of them was Seanie B whose videos on Youtube were very popular and he even made some radio and TV appearances explaining the mysteries of Lost. I, too, used to watch his videos and found them very interesting, well thought-out and providing valuable information, even though he has this very flat, bland, emotionless voice with no colour or intonation which annoyed me after a few minutes.
It turns out he was a fraud. He has been consistenly stealing from other blogs and sites and presenting their ideas as his own, many times word for word, not even bothering to mention them as sources. What's the big deal, you might ask. It happens all the time, everywhere, so why would someone lose some sleep over it? What interests me, however, is the reaction of his strong fan base when YouTube pulled down his videos. A huge number of people defended his actions, saying that no harm was done, that he was more interesting than the blogs he was stealing from, that the Internet is free and everybody can steal apparently whatever they like and so on. I believe this is evidence of the solar and lunar principles in action and depending on whom you side with, it shows which principle you adhere to.
The lunar principle is extremely subjective. When you love someone, they become "your people" and they cannot do anything wrong. It is impossible for you to think they are capable of wrongdoing, because this will contradict the love you are feeling and how can you love someone immoral? But because you want to keep this love at all costs and this love is more important to you than common sense morality, you ignore their dark side or try very hard to find excuses. The upside of the lunar principle is that you are able to form deep and true relationships with other people. The downside is that you run the risk of losing your rationality.
The solar principle is extremely objective. The Sun is the light of consciousness and what is important for you is to bring everything to light. So, you may love someone, they may be part of your clan and tribe, but you cannot turn a blind eye to their shortcomings. That would be unfair and very unevolved behaviour. The upside is that you keep your rationality and are able to develop a sense of morality. The downside is that you shy away from relationships exactly because people are human and it is not possible for you to love and disrespect someone at the same time.
Those who live their lives according to the lunar principle need to learn that you can't condone everything your loved ones do and those according to the solar principle that faulty behaviour doesn't necessarily make people unworthy of love. For both principles therefore, the lesson is the same: It's OK to love someone who makes mistakes.

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