Saturday, 4 July 2009

Contest horary - The Williams sisters

I didn't want to post this at first, because I'm not sure which house goes to whom, but then I thought it would be a nice exercise for me and for those of you who are interested in such things, regardless of the outcome of the match. First of all, this is the horary chart I erected for the two sisters.

My main problem is that I don't strongly favour one of the two when they play other players, but when they play against each other, I favour Venus. So, it's not that I like Venus that much, it's just that I "dislike" Serena. Is that enough? John Frawley states that even a minor preference is sufficient, but the real purpose of my "Who will win?" question is to see if horary works, so perhaps this question is not fit to judge. Bearing that in mind, let's interpret the chart, giving Venus the 1st house and Serena the 7th.
Let's look at the condition of the houses first. If we decide to use Pluto, then the 1st house is afflicted, but not particularly, since Pluto is in a different sign from the Ascendant. On the other hand, Lord 7 is in its' own house and, as a result, both essentially and accidentally dignified. One major testimony for Serena. The Sun is also there, peregrine, and even though in the face of Mercury (Serena), strongly prefers Venus by being in Jupiter's (Lord 1) exaltation and term. What's more, Mercury (Serena) is under the sun beams, moving closer to the Sun, but in a different sign from it. Does that weaken Serena? Not dramatically, I suspect. Mercury's antiscion however, is in a much worse state. In early Cancer, it is combust and opposite Pluto. Do we accept combustion for an antiscion? If so, Serena is weakened.
On the other hand, Jupiter (Venus) is in Aquarius, in a neutral house (2nd) and so not especially strong. I can't see any positive testimonies for Venus. She is not accidentally strong, very far from the North Node, conjunct Neptune and Chiron and square a debilitated Mars. The only favourable aspect Jupiter receives is from Venus (an omen?) well-dignified in Taurus, but in the cusp of the malefic 6th. Jupiter's antiscia fall on the early Taurus/Scorpio axis, not doing anything of importance.
What can we make of all this? It seems that there is not a clear answer. It all depends on the amount of importance we will assign to the weakening effects of the Sun to Mercury, its' antiscion and the 7th house. If it weren't for the Sun, then Serena would be a clear winner. Moreover, it seems that if Venus finally wins, it will be because Serena lost the match for some reason, since Venus doesn't seem strong enough to win the match by herself. So, let's try another technique, the chart for the event.

We first have to decide who the favourite is. Before the tournament, it was definitely Serena, because she is world No2 and has had better results than her sister lately. However, Wimbledon is where Venus excels and after her annihilation of world No1 Dinara Safina at the semi-finals, she seems stronger than ever. This must mean that Venus is the favourite, although I'm not sure what the bookies say, so you'd better check with them.
So, the favourite gets the 1st and the 10th house and the underdog the 7th and the 4th. Since the 10th house ruler is the Moon and we want to keep the Moon for the flow of events, the favourite gets only Lord 1 for significator. We are interested only if any of them are in an angular house and which one. None of them is. Then we check the Part of Fortune, but not its' bodily placement, but its' antiscion. Its' antiscion is in 11o 49' Libra, widely conjunct the Ascendant but not close enough. Maybe a very minor positive testimony for the favourite. Next, we check the Moon's aspects to the significators and Fortuna, allowing a 5-degree orb or so, bearing in mind that the Moon's final aspect within this orb wins. The Moon nakes no aspects to Venus (Lord 1) and Mars (Lord 7), but makes an applying aspect to Saturn, (Lord 4), therefore favouring the underdog, since it's also its' final aspect. However, we must not forget the aspects the Moon makes to Fortuna and its' antiscion. The Moon squares Fortuna but with a 7-degree orb, which is probably too much. However, it immediately sextiles its' antiscion in 11o 49' Libra, which is a major positive testimony for the favourite, since John Frawley says that aspects to Fortuna or its' antiscion are final and we can ignore the Moon's square to Saturn. The Nodes are in the 4th/7th house axis, but we cannot say that they either weaken or strengthen one of them, being in a different sign from that of the cusp. So, unless I've missed something important, the match should go the favourite. The problem is who that is. We will soon find out.

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