Saturday, 25 July 2009

Neptune transits Part 2

I want to share some more thoughts on the subject in a perhaps futile attempt to bring some clarity to Neptune's fog, although with Neptune everything must be taken with a grain of salt. Possibly, we are not in a position yet to fully grasp its' qualities. We can try, though.
One of the main themes, I think, during the Neptune transit is the blow the ego receives. I know most astrology books talk about how the self dissolves and all that, but it's not made perfectly clear just what that is in practical terms. In my experience, I feel it's like this: Before the Neptune transit, you pride yourself on something, something you conquered or achieved, some kind of accomplishment you feel particularly proud of and you feel especially confident in your abilities. That is not a bad thing per se, but what usually happens is that your ego gets inflated. You begin to feel special and therefore separate yourself from others busking in the glow of your superiority. Even if you don't say it out loud, what you are really thinking is "I did that, I, I, I!" For example, let's say that you give up smoking and you fell liberated, you boast about kicking the habit and reproach others for not having the strength to do likewise. Neptune comes along and you start smoking again. You realize just how weak you really are and you wallow in self-pity. However, after this period is over, you start to get a glimpse of a sort of metaphysical truth that actually it was not you who kicked the habit, but instead you managed to do so by the grace of God or the Gods or the Spirit or whatever. You temporarily aligned yourself with that power that connects us all and found the strength to overcome your weakness. However, this is something that all people can do, should they put their minds to it, and unfortunately this alignment is not permanent, unless you consciously devote yourself to the task of maintaining this bond. So, what you learn, and this is the unique gift of Neptune, is empathy. In the light of such self-knowledge, one can only be humble and refrain from judging other people whose weaknesses are just a reflection of one's own.
One other thing worth mentioning, and strongly Neptunian people can attest to this, is that it's impossible to take sides. Neptune, along with empathy, gives this chameleon-like ability to easily step into other people's shoes. The fog the textbooks mention is really THE ultimate objectivity. Everything seems unclear, because you realize that there isn't ONE truth. Lets' say that two of your friends quarrel and they both confide in you. With Neptune, you realize that they are both right and wrong at the same time. You may hate this ambivalence, because it's much easier to live in the security that the illusion of ONE truth provides, but you can't help it. You can try and explain to each one where they went wrong but they may not listen. What's more important however, is that you realize that what they did, you probably also do yourself. You start to wonder that if two perfectly nice people who generally mean well got in such a mess, then why not me? Neptune stops you from taking the easy way out believing that something like that will never happen to you and forces you to question your objectivity and re-evaluate your judgements and certainties. It dawns on you that knowing the complete truth about something or someone is practically impossible and you lose the smugness only absolute certainty can provide. And the gift of all this, is that you begin to truly connect to other people, because you realize how easy it is for all of us to make mistakes. You are no longer ignorant of your shortcomings and you share them with others, refusing to hide behind a facade of righteousness. As a result, people find it easy to open up to you, because they know that you are someone who understands.


  1. Thank you so much for this outstanding post on the effects of a Neptune transit. It was spot on.

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  2. You are very much welcome, Ninth.