Friday, 25 June 2010

Contest horaries - The strength of accidental dignity

I cast two recent contest horaries trying to find out the outcome of two matches. One was the football match between Greece and Argentina and the other one was the tennis match between R. Haase and Rafael Nadal in Wimbledon. Both matches had already started when I cast the charts.
The football match chart:

Since I supported Greece, Greece gets the first house and Argentina the 7th. In this type of questions, we are not interested in essential dignity, but instead we focus on accidental dignity, because we are looking for the one who has the power to win, not who is the best player or the best team in general. In this chart, from accidental dignity alone, it was fairly certain that Argentina was going to win. Its significator, the Moon, is in the 10th house. It doesn't matter that the Moon is in the sign of its fall, nor that Greece has the North Node on the Ascendant. Its significator, Saturn, is in the 8th house. If Saturn were also angular, then essential dignity and the North Node conjunction would have probably mattered and there would have been hope for Greece. But with such accidental debility, Greece was destined to lose.

The chart for the tennis match:

When I cast this, the two players were one set all and Haase was leading in the 3rd set. I was hoping that Nadal would lose and Haase's performance was fueling that hope. However, the chart was adamant. Nadal would win. He was extremely powerful in his own house. Haase's condition was not that bad, in the same sign as the IC, but by primary motion he was moving away from it. So, Nadal would get stronger and stronger. And so it proved.

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