Tuesday, 6 July 2010

More Wimbledon horaries

Here are two more horary charts that I cast for Wimbledon matches:

This was about the fourth round match between Federer and Meltzer. As always, I supported Federer, so he gets the 1st house and Meltzer the 7th. In this chart both the players' significators are in angular houses and Meltzer's (Jupiter) is in its own house, the 7th. However, it's in a different sign than that of the cusp, making it less strong. Federer (Mercury) is in the 10th house in the same sign as the MC. What's more, Mercury is cazimi, being within 17' away from the Sun. Traditionally, this is a very powerful position. The ancients believed that if a planet is found so close to the Sun, it is not combust, which is a severe affliction, but instead nothing can harm the planet as it is in the heart of the Sun. There are some astrologers (traditional ones even) that do not differentiate between combust and cazimi and claim that the planet is equally afflicted. In this case however, cazimi proved its strength. Federer was completely untroubled and at no point of the game did Meltzer pose a serious threat.

This is the chart of the quarter-final match between Federer and Berdych, the eventual finalist. Both significators are strong. Federer's on the cusp of the 11th house, a fortunate house and Berdych's in the 10th. By accidental dignity alone, Berdych is a lot stronger being on the MC. But not only that, since Mars (Federer) is in the triplicity, term and face (!!!) of Venus (Berdych), which means that Venus has the upper hand. And so it proved. Berdych won pretty convincingly and Federer had to settle for one set only.

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