Monday, 9 February 2009

Oscar 2009 Part 3 - Doubt

Is it time for Meryl Streep's third Oscar? I sincerely hope so. She already holds the record for the most nominations and I think it's time she got a long overdue third award. Meryl had an amazing year with Mamma Mia! breaking box office records all around the world where she proved that she can sing at least better than Madonna who "stole" Evita from her. And then came Doubt and she was given a chance to show in the same year her enormous versatility. Pluto opposed her natal Sun/Uranus conjunction in Cancer twice last year and she is on the road to becoming THE woman of power in Hollywood by winning for the third time. But...
The bad news is that she IS Meryl Streep and everyone knows she can act this well. If it were another actress in her place who would have managed to achieve such perfection, the Oscar would be guaranteed. But everyone expects her to be perfect, so we are looking for something that would top performances like Sophie, Karen Silkwood, or even Miranda Priestley. Can it be done? Moreover, Kate Winslet is on top of her game this year with two wonderful films, my two personal favourites. The fact that she wasn't nominated for Best Supporting Actress but for Best Actress is probably telling us that to the eyes of the Academy SHE was the one with the leading part in the film. The abundance of planets in Aquarius, especially Jupiter, at the night of the ceremony will be to her advantage, but her chart ruler and ruler of all her Libra planets will be in Aries, the sign of its detriment. Not a very good omen. Finally, Doubt didn't turn out to be such a good film as everyone expected, which might also diminish Meryl's chances. It is based on a play and it shows. But the tremendous power of the acting in the film more than makes up for it.
The "gigantically gifted" - as Meryl Streep called her in her acceptance speech at the Sag Awards - Viola Davis is simply magnificent. She has only one long scene but she makes her presence felt, believe me. She is a Leo and a true one at that. She has made this statement, which I found in wikipedia, which summarizes all what the astrology books say about the sign of Leo. "I'm happy that I went there (Juilliard school). The school does what it says it wants to do, which is to stretch you as an actor, make you break old habits, expand you and make you more versatile. The problem is that it doesn't celebrate the individual. It stifles everything about you that makes you uniquely you." My God! That is a Leo statement, if ever I've heard one!
Philip Seymour Hoffman is very good as always and what's interesting is that at the night of the ceremony Uranus will be making an exact - to the minute - opposition to his natal Uranus. Can Uranus help him surprise us all by beating the apparently unbeatable Heath Ledger?
Last but not least, Amy Adams is also nominated from this wonderful cast, which means that she stood her ground despite the fierce competition. Pluto is close to forming a square to its natal position and possibly her Moon (we don't have a birth time) signalling that this is a time of great emotional change for her.
Good luck to them all!

Doubt trailer

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