Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Oscar winners Part 2

There is something strange about Sean Penn. Even though he has liberal views and he seems very conscious of being a part of a community, I get the impression that there is a thug hiding underneath. I may be wrong, but behind the progressive façade, I feel like that what he is truly saying is something like "these are my views, my views are correct and to hell with everybody else who thinks otherwise". I believe it has a lot to do with his Sun-Uranus conjunction in Leo.
I've already expressed my views on the subject of outer planets and sign rulerships, however we cannot deny that Uranus has an affinity with Aquarius, even if we don't believe it rules this sign. Which would make Leo an uncomfortable place for Uranus to be. Since Leo is the most individualistic of all signs in the sense that Leos need to find out in what way they are special and how they differ from other people, any collective planet in this sign would feel ill-at-ease, let alone Uranus. As Liz Greene correctly puts it, Uranus is not an individualistic planet, because a planet cannot be individualistic and collective at the same time. Therefore, Leo brings out the bad face of Uranus that the astrology textbooks talk about, the dictatorial one. Uranus in Leo may very well be Prometheus, as Uranus is in every sign, but it's as if he wants to keep the fire to himself and not share it with the rest of humanity. The humaneness of Uranus is stifled in Leo, so these people don't want to change the world so that it becomes a better place to live in for everybody, contrary to what they may consciously and honestly believe, but they want to change the world so that it suits their personal needs.
It would help, therefore, if these people didn't already have an inflated ego, which is probably not Sean Penn's case, with his Sun in Leo trine Jupiter in Saggitarius conjunct the Ascendant. Perhaps, I'm being unfair to him and he may be over the top sometimes only because he has this very intense sense of freedom, with Uranus, Jupiter on the Ascendant and all that fire and so he probably hates restrictions more than the average guy. But he must have experienced restrictions in his life so far, with his sensitive Moon in Cancer widely opposing a very strong Saturn in Capricorn. He has experienced Saturn and now he is trying to lead a Uranian existence, but he may hit the wrong note sometimes. Don't we all?
Anyway, congratulations on his win, because we can't deny an obvious truth, which is that he is a very fine actor and he did a great job in Milk.

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