Thursday, 12 February 2009

Sun sign racism?

I've read recently in the Daily Telegraph and in the Astro Crack blog that an Austrian insurance company published an ad looking for employees belonging only to the sun signs of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius because almost all of its best employees belonged to the above mentioned signs. Before looking into the matter of possible racism, let's first examine why these particular signs appealed to the company in question.
First of all, we notice the presence of all the fire signs which is almost hard to believe taking into account the fact that these signs are not famous for their hard work and discipline. Fire signs need to have excitement in their lives as they are easily bored, so I think that what lies behind this preference is that particular line of work. The company was seeking employees for sales and management which is quite appropriate for the fire signs. Management posts help boost the ego of the fire signs and make them feel special. Anything to stand out from the crowd. The sales department can also benefit from fire sign people since their natural exuberance is suited for selling products, because you are much more likely to buy something from someone who promotes it with enthusiasm. Their endless search for "good times" also makes them extremely likeable and fun to be around which is undoubtedly a most useful asset. Finally, they take initiatives and they are in constant search of something new.
The other two signs are both Saturn-ruled signs, which makes sense, in general. Capricorns are usually ambitious and they want to rise to the top and Aquarians know all about team spirit. They do not fear hard work and they don't lack self-confidence. However, all these signs have their flaws as well. The fire signs can be very competitive and also very tiresome in their endless pursuit of new stimuli. Furthermore, respect for authority isn't exactly their strong suit. The Saturn-ruled signs are not usually the life and soul of every party. Even Aquarians who are more sociable and friendly, very often fail to understand the meaning of "fun". So, they would probably be better suited for management as opposed to the fire signs which would be better suited for sales.
The first question that arises is: "Is all this astrologically accurate?" Do certain signs make better workers and employees? How about a Virgo for example, who may be very difficult in a work environment when he/she insists on things being done their own way, but can also produce wonderful results with their admirable capacity to always know right from wrong? Why not the water signs for whom moodiness may very well be their middle name, but can make you feel like you are part of their family? Wouldn't they be more able to attract customers due to their innate ability for warmth and affection? It seems, therefore, that we are all better suited for certain things than others. It all depends on what the thing is.
Moreover, are all Leos the same? What if some of the fire Suns have an opposition to Saturn? What if the Capricorns or Aquarians who apply have Moon and Venus in Pisces? That would change things considerably. It would be preferable, therefore, if the company hired the services of an experienced astrologer and told him/her exactly what they are looking for, should they wish to continue recruiting people belonging to certain Sun signs.
The second and final question would be: "Is this racism?" The Austrian authorities don't think so because we are not talking about discrimination based on age, sex or race. However, some form of discrimination exists, since they exclude certain people from applying based on something that these people have no power over and it cannot be considered as a conscious choice if we leave the metaphysics out of it. But aren't we all racist in some way or another? Don't we all make subjective choices on an everyday basis? So it all boils down to this: Do we have a right to be racist if our racism doesn't break any laws?


  1. well...this is not racism really, but a superficial confrontation of what skilful's like when they ask for a guy until 35 year old, when we all know that the best sellers in the USA, the capital of marketing are above 40 year's a reality that capricorns are usually successful at their jobs as well as leos,'s the ambition for both of those that leads them to succeed and regarding leos the instinct they have, the natural presence which can't be ignored easily, which is loud and tells you "look at me, I'm talking to you"!they are also creative and invent ideas that make what they sell appeal to the buyers...if they have a nice Mercury in Virgo,and a diplomatic venus in Libra they are irresistable!notice that the job in an insurance company is a bit independent which is in favour of Leos, they have their own clients, create their own list, work outside the office, the control is the least they could have in a selling job but it also has high goals to achieve which seems like an interesting game to a Leo who is very competitive and always wants to end first...about the same is for Aries, very competitive, always on fire, want to show that they are the best of the best... but what happens when you put them inside of a bar? can they sell drinks easily????don't think so... water boys and girls are much better in those kind of services...they know how to communicate with fun and insticts of the others, sympathize them when they are not alright, have a sensual picture even in the church, and they don't mind washing the dishes...selling insurance? too earthly! they would moan all the time that their job is without grace!
    what about the Sagittarius? an insurance company is ideal for them ... first of all they are the most diplomatic of all the 3 signs of fire, knowing how to work the least and convince everybody that they are doing their job, when they are experts in commanding in a friendly way...they have a lucky nature and they can show a really good face even if they have nothing inside... they become easily accepted because they have proper manners, especially the women, they are physically well-structured and they know exactly how to vanish the's a free job that gives you the chance to be on the road most of the times,expanding your horizon and your client list, so call me sagittarius and I'm suitable for it...

  2. thoughts part 2
    To tell you the truth a capricorn is not only good at directing but has the ideal profile for selling insurance with his sensible, natural seriousness that inspires people to invest for life programs and medical insurance... he will present the facts, talk about the third age as if he's a 60 year old and make you feel that if you want a certainty for a lifetime this is it! imagine one with an aquarian Mercury in exaltation...who is the best seller of all?!!!!
    As far as Aquarius's concerned they are soooooooo manipulative they can achieve anything... they may not last forever but you will never forget them... they seem steady, articulate, hard-working, although they jump from the absolute laziness to over-working, all the time...everybody likes them! why not an austrian insurance company? lol!
    Imagine a Taurus or a Libra in a job like this...hahaha! it seems like a joke... especially Libras would become unbearable, moaning all the time, "what a freaky job is this and how on earth I got into this"...there are not many left... Scorpios are not welcome by anyone who is a director in a company and believe in astrology because he knows that one day he would fall into the hole the Scorpio employee would have dug, to get his job!we all know what Scorpios need to analyze furthermore...
    these are thoughts of mine as a director of my own company and beforehand as one at 2 different companies...of course it's a superficial approach like the one of the austrian company... with a small truth in it...I am just expressing my thoughts as a follower to yours... my knowledge on astrology of course is in an embryo's state...