Monday, 23 February 2009

Oscar winners Part 1

So Kate Winslet won after all. Everybody was wondering how she got nominated in the leading role category for what is clearly a supporting role, even though it's the major female role in the Reader. The Academy was probably making clear from the start how much they were in her favour. She is an extraordinary actress and a very beautiful woman. Why people insist on commenting on her weight is beyond me. With all those Libran planets on the Ascendant, she knows what true beauty is, despite our efforts to convince her otherwise.
Meryl Streep must content herself with the record for most nominations, but she is surely wondering if she'll ever win again, or what kind of performance she has to produce to make the Academy members vote for her. Pluto opposite her Sun-Uranus conjunction wasn't enough, neither was her Jupiter return. These aspects are, of course, separating and maybe that had something to do with it.
What was a minor surprise was Penelope Cruz's win, although with Kate Winslet out of the picture, there was no clear favourite. In Penelope's case we have exact progressed aspects, though, not having a birth time, we don't know what houses they rule. Her almost exact natal Mercury/Saturn sextile has become an exact conjunction in the progressed chart. Her natal dignified Venus in Pisces, her Sun ruler, has progressed in her own sign, Taurus, thus gaining even more strength. What's more, natal Venus squares the Nodes and the Saturn/Uranus opposition is forming a grand cross with them. So, Venus, her Sun ruler, is particularly active both in the natal and the progressed chart. There is something about those Tom Cruise women, who rise to fame and become successful, after they break up with him (lol).
We should not forget Woody Allen who has proven to be a very competent director, especially with his actors. Penelope Cruz is the last one in the long list of actors and actresses who have won or been nominated for an Academy Award starring in a film of his. Let's hope she doesn't have the same fate as Mira Sorvino.

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