Sunday, 15 February 2009


What's interesting about Scrubs is that it's like Friends for mostly a male audience. What makes it stand out from the rest is that it has well-drawn characters. They can be quite far-fetched sometimes, but that's natural, since it's supposed to make us laugh. The most hilarious part, I think, is J.D. and his relationship with Dr. Cox.
J.D. is this kind of effeminate man, who is tender, affectionate, likes hugging, romantic comedies, doesn't drink, except for Appletinis, but at the same time completely heterosexual. What's great about it is that he doesn't seem to care that much. Dr Cox represents quite the opposite, this very manly doctor, who has feelings but is afraid to show them, who finds J.D. girly and calls him girls' names, a very Saturnian figure, with a little bit of Pluto on the side. Their scenes together are very funny, especially because J.D. still hopes he and Cox will become true friends one day, despite the verbal batterings he receives on a daily basis.
The show was created by Bill Laurence, so let's have a look at his chart. Two things stand out that have something to do with what we are talking about. Laurence has Saturn in Aries and Mars in Libra. So what he wants most but feels he lacks in (Saturn) is the typical macho male image (Aries) but he seems unable to do much about it since his masculinity (Mars) is imprisoned by a Venus sign (Libra) and so, he is attracted by beauty, diplomacy, dislikes coarse and vulgar behaviour and believes in romantic love. J.D. must be a vehicle for him to exorcise his inner demons. By putting J.D. out there and by making him likeable and unashamed of what he is, he is having a laugh about it which is very healthy.
Anyway, in my opinion it's a wonderful show and I would be very sorry to see it end. I've had such a good time watching it.

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