Saturday, 12 December 2009

2010 sign predictions Part 1- the cardinal signs

An accurate astrological prediction needs to be based on the person's natal chart and even then the astrologer must have feedback from the client in order to put the chart into context. Astrological practice doesn't involve the exercise of psychic powers and its' interpretations are the result of mathematics, research and experience. Therefore, whatever predictions you read on the Internet or in magazines based on just your Sun sign must be taken with a grain of salt. They are just guidelines and some very basic things that you need to know. So, what do the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) need to know?
They need to know that this is the year of prominence for the first decanate (those born on the 10 first days) of the cardinal signs. All the big planetary action is going to be in your turf. What we are basically talking about is the Saturn-Pluto square. The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction will very briefly visit the early degrees of your decanate but will soon return to Pisces. So, what does the Saturn/Pluto square mean? Saturn, when it aspects the outer planets, has the ability to capture their somewhat elusive energy and bring it down to earth. Pluto, basically, brings about experiences that make you realize that you live in a very unstable world. That anything you value can be taken away from you at any time, which means that the experiences it is interested in, almost invariably involve great pain and loss. Passionate love affairs that end up in tears? Death of loved ones? Experiences that make you feel threatened in some way and force you to summon up your survival instincts? Whatever the case, it seems that after a Pluto transit or progression you feel that you have irrevocably changed and you can't pretend to be innocent any more or believe in the fairness of life. No more civilization but the survival of the fittest. Does that include all of you? No, of course not. But those of you who have strong Pluto contacts in your natal chart, cardinal signs on the angles, a strong Pluto progression at the same time and a solar return chart that simply screams Pluto, then an experience that falls more or less along the lines of those described above is probably on the menu for this year. Cancerians in particular, beware of any opportunity that seems promising, especially around February. Don't let your guard down, but be cautious and double-check it. Don't get enrapt in Jupiter's glamour, because Saturn and Pluto can't be pushed aside.
The second decanate of the cardinal signs will be mainly concerned with the Saturn transit in Libra, from the autumn onwards. Libras and Capricorns like Saturn, in the sense that they share more or less the same values. So, this is a time for you to pull up your sleeves and get down to business. Saturn is never pleasant, but at least this is a better transit than when Saturn was in Cancer. A marriage or a serious relationship? A better job that will also involve greater responsibility? A move or a change of residence? Family issues? Anyway, this is not a time to be frivolous and carefree, but that's not your nature, so don't worry. For Aries, this is not going to be an easy transit. You will need to learn a new word that does not exist in your vocabulary. Compromise. You will feel at times that you carry the weight of the whole world on your shoulders. Your friends and loved ones are going to be wondering why all the gloom and sadness. Even if nothing of great significance happens, you won't like this transit because it will slow you down. Some of you will feel chained to a rock and unable to start any new endeavours. You will feel OLD, something that you hate more than anything. And the real question is: How responsible are you? How will you react to the pressure? For Cancer, this can prove an interesting year, because your decanate will first receive a Jupiter transit and then the Saturn transit. You absolutely love Jupiter and you absolutely hate Saturn. Which means that you may feel on top of the world in March but lousy in November and December, especially those born on the first 5-6 days of your decanate. You should check your progressions and returns and find out if your year leans more towards Saturn or Jupiter.
The third decanate of the cardinal signs will not experience any heavy transit in 2010. No Saturn and no Pluto. This could be an uneventful year for you, unless your progressions and returns say otherwise. With the exception of Cancer and possibly Capricorn. For the cancerians of the third decanate this could be an excellent year. You are going to have three Jupiter transits over your Sun. Three trines from a very strong Jupiter in Pisces. What more can you ask? Will your emotional hunger be finally satisfied? Temporarily, at least. Don't forget that Saturn is waiting in the wings, though. For the Capricorns of the third decanate, Jupiter is going to form sextiles with their Sun. The sextile is not such a strong aspect as the trine and what's more you don't particularly like Jupiter. You don't trust it, because you don't believe in luck. However, it's not going to harm you. If you also have a Jupiter progression, then this could be a great opportunity for expansion in the areas of the houses affected.
Last but not least, have in mind that the eclipses this year will fall on the Cancer/Capricorn axis, so these two signs will also receive an energy boost, either for good or for ill.

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