Saturday, 12 December 2009

Susan Boyle and Neptune in Aquarius

So, Susan Boyle has done it. She's number one on both sides of the Atlantic. But the question remains: Is she so special? I, too, was touched and moved by her appearance on Britain's got talent, but is that enough? Does that make her a great artist? OK, she can sing. But so can millions of people around the world. She's no Barbra Streisand or Aretha Franklin. So, what's the reason behind her success story?
I think the answer lies with Neptune in Aquarius. Neptune, it seems, determines fashion and trends, depending on the sign it is in. What was the fashion that became prominent during this transit? We live in a reality show era, where meaningless everyday conversation in shows like Big Brother suddenly became interesting. We believe that anybody can do anything. We don't want specialness (Leo), we just want the boy and the girl next door (Aquarius). Or rather, the boy and the girl next door ARE special and this is the time for them to shine. We don't want stereotypes. We don't want to be told that in order to become successful you need to be tall, dark and handsome. In short, we want a Susan Boyle. We want to shout at the top of our voices, so that everybody can hear: If Susan can do it, so can I!
But then the Leos of this world intervened and pointed out the obvious. Her album is full of boring renditions of well-known ballads from an adequate singer at best. If there were no hype surrounding Susan Boyle, how would we have reacted to such an album? We probably wouldn't have bothered at all. So, Leos proclaimed their absolute truth. No, not everybody's special. There are people who excel at something and those are the only ones who should be allowed to shine. That this aquarian mentality simply leads to a lowering of standards. That if we continue in this fashion, people with real talent and the truly gifted ones will never make their mark in this world, because all the mediocrities will have taken up all the space. That everybody may be useful, but very few are special.
How does Susan Boyle's chart fit in this era?

Her MC is in Aquarius, so Neptune has been going over it the past few years. This year, however, she was also experiencing her Jupiter return, which is also in Aquarius. In fact, when she sang in front of the judges in January, the Jupiter return was exact. Her progressed horizontal axis (Ascendant and Descendant) is between natal Jupiter and progressed Jupiter, so Jupiter is strongly activated in her chart. And of course, she personifies the ugly duckling story with her very strong Saturn (traditional ruler of the MC) in square with the severely debilitated Venus. In short, she is the perfect candidate for success in this time and age. But, alas, ages change.


  1. Nevermind the astrology charts,look at CD sales charts.Susan is number 1 in USA,UK,Canada,Australia,New Zealand,Ireland and Japan.
    If astrology had any truth behind it,how come nobody predicted the Susan Boyle phenomenon?
    You are talking out of Uranus
    John V,London

  2. What do you mean by "predicted the Susan Boyle phenomenon"? Do you seriously expect astrologers to make a prediction that in 2009 there is going to be a successful singer? What's so phenomenal about that? Is this a cataclysmic event? What you should expect from astrologers is to predict Susan's success ONCE they get their hands on her chart.

  3. ...anyway the truth is that a leo always wonders on these phenomena... and I really believe that in our times mediocrity has already taken the place of the true star quality and excellent people... we really need those individuals who excel to look up to, but those are needles in the barn at the moment...few, and condemned never to get the place they deserve in mankind...if that was so,the unbearable emptiness of Mischa Barton and the fake intellectual numbness of Chloe Sevigny would have never seen the lights of the cameras....