Sunday, 13 December 2009

2010 sign predictions Part 2 - The mutable and fixed signs

So, you've finally said goodbye to Saturn. Some of you may have liked it, some of you may not, but what happened, happened. Saturn is going to make a brief return to Virgo, affecting primarily the last three degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), forming therefore another opposition with Uranus, so the ball is in the court of the third decanate. The other major event of the year is Jupiter in Pisces, which will also affect more strongly the third decanate with its three transits.
The first decanate of Gemini and Virgo will only have the Jupiter transit to think about, which will pass pretty quickly. These two signs don't particularly like Jupiter, because Jupiter represents intuitive knowledge, knowledge that comes from within. More often than not it ignores facts and it's not interested in proof. Gemini and Virgo, however, the two Mercury-ruled signs, are interested in external knowledge and pay great attention to detail. Gemini likes to accumulate every tiny bit of information and Virgo likes to extract knowledge from it. So, the jupiterian energy is foreign to them. For some of them, however, their life circumstances for a brief period of time will probably demand a leap of faith. Can they do it? The Virgo first decanate will also receive a trine from Pluto, but unless this transit involves an angular house or their progressions and returns point towards Pluto, then they do not have much to worry about. For Pisces and Sagittarius, however, it's a different story, especially for Pisces. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter will be in the second sign that it rules, Pisces, and even though it's going to form a square to their Sun, this transit will probably be more beneficial than otherwise. For the first decanate of Pisces, this could be a year to remember, especially for those of you born around the 28th of February. This is going to be one of those years with many opportunities offered, helping you to realize what you are here to do. It will all depend on the natal house this conjunction will take place and if it is also strong in the solar return chart. Bear in mind that Jupiter is interested in expansion. Does the life you've built so far allow any room for expansion or have you closed all doors? If it is the latter, you will be disappointed. Don't waste this wonderful transit by simply putting on weight.
For the second decanate it's more or less the same as above, only the beneficial effects for Pisces are a bit toned down. For the third decanate, things are quite different. You may be the lucky ones regarding Jupiter (Pisces mostly), in the sense that it will go over your Sun three times, but at the same time, Uranus and Saturn are still going to be breathing down your neck, particularly those of you born on the last 3-4 days of your respective signs. Saturn, however, will leave Virgo for good in late spring (and this is the time of year you need to be particularly careful about) and after that you will be left with Jupiter and Uranus, from the autumn onwards. Some of you will feel a tremendous burst of energy, especially Pisces, a sign more inclined to inertia. Something new and exciting can come out of this period, especially for Pisces and Sagittarius. Geminis and Virgos will probably feel a bit uneasy despite the excitement, because your well-ordered world will receive enormous pressure. You too, should check out your progressions and returns.

For the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), as far as transits go, this does not seem to be a memorable year, at least for your Sun. With the exception of the latter half of the third decanate, where Neptune will still exercise a strong influence, the rest of you will not receive any heavy pressure. So, you must check your birth chart and find out if you have any personal planets or the angles in the cardinal or mutable signs, because they are going to be the ones with the leading role this year. Those of you still affected by Neptune and Chiron, try reading my older posts on those planets.
The other thing, besides Neptune, that needs to be mentioned, is Mars in Leo for the first half of the year. The first two decanates have already experienced it and will experience it twice more. The third decanate will be influenced in late May. Again, read my older post on this transit.
Scorpios, however, will also receive a trine from Jupiter. Cancer and Pisces, the other two water signs, will know what to do with Jupiter, but will you? The darkness you like to dwell in is not what I would call Jupiter-friendly. This could be a year where a bit of opening-up will be needed. Are you ready to do that? It doesn't matter if you regret it later. Betrayal, after all, is part of your life story. But some of you will be given a chance to experience ecstasy, albeit briefly. Why waste this opportunity? Those of you who will take that chance will never forget it, despite whatever pain might ensue. Isn't that worth it?

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