Saturday, 5 December 2009

Nodes and fate - Monica Seles case study

Astrologers have always associated the Nodes with fate. Some talk about past lives (South Node) and current incarnation (North Node), others about concentration of energy (NN) and release of energy (SN), for traditional western astrology North Node is good and South Node is bad, for Vedic astrology both Nodes are bad and so on. Even though we can't agree on the exact nature of the Nodes, almost every astrological branch seems to regard the Nodes as very important points in the chart. What I have noticed in many cases, although I cannot call it a rule since extensive research has to be made, is that when the progressed Sun conjuncts either of the Nodes, something "fated" quite often happens.
Monica Seles, one of the tennis legends, had a troubled career. At the height of her power, when she was the undisputed world No 1, she was stabbed at the back, during a match, by a Steffi Graff obsessed fan. Naturally, she went off tennis for more than two years and went she returned, even though on occasion she displayed the skills that had once brought her to the top, she could never recapture her best form. The incident happened on April 30, 1993. This is her natal chart:

We may have an approximate time of birth, but since the ascendant degree is in the middle of Scorpio, it seems that we are safe with a Scorpio Ascendant. Scorpio ascendants will very possibly at some point in their lives go through a transformative life experience, if the rest of the chart supports this. Monica's chart ruler (Mars) is in the 6th house of misfortune and illness, but is strong in its' own sign. It forms, however, a T-square with Uranus and Venus. We may deduce from that that at some point misfortune (6th house) will hit her unexpectedly (Uranus), but she will be able to pull through (Mars in Aries). Her Nodes are in the difficult 2nd/8th house axis. From a modern perspective, we can say that through some experience of loss (8th house), she will have to learn how to sustain her body (2nd house). The 8th house ruler (Mercury) is very possibly conjunct the Ascendant, which means that an 8th house sort of experience will one day manifest in her life. So, what was happening on April 30, 1993?
Her progressed Sun was exactly conjunct the nodal axis, so "fate" was knocking on her door. She was going through a nodal return, so, again, the Nodes were emphasized. The lunar return South node was conjunct the 8th house cusp AND the natal 8th house cusp, since the lunar return Ascendant was the same as natal Ascendant, always a sign that something important will happen. Her solar return Mars (her natal chart ruler) was in Cancer, the sign of its' fall, retrograde and exactly conjunct the solar return Ascendant. Her solar return chart ruler (Moon) was in the 8th house, but, fortunately, close to the 9th house cusp and not in the 8th sign from the Ascendant. She was also going through a Saturn transit on her Moon, the light of sect, conjunct the 4th house cusp, the "end of things" and Pluto was transiting the 1st house and therefore also Mercury, the 8th house ruler. Of course, we all have difficult transits and difficult returns all the time and nothing significant happens. But for Monica, this was the time when her progressed Sun was conjunct the nodal axis. That was the most important thing happening in her chart at that moment. As a result, her life changed dramatically.

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