Saturday, 26 December 2009

Venus in Capricorn - The Venus/Pluto/Saturn aspect

Have you seen the film Sense and Sensibility based on the Jane Austen novel? One of the major themes of the film was that you have to be sensible in love matters. That fiery romantic passion or deep emotional involvement are all very well, but when there are unsolved practical matters, love can never be. This, I think, is the essence of Venus in Capricorn.
This is a Venus that receives a lot of bad press, because it doesn't exactly fit well with the Danielle Steele or Hollywood ending concept of love. We have been made to believe that only this kind of love can be called TRUE and that the Venus in Capricorn kind feels more like an "arranged marriage" than actual love. Yes, Venus is exalted in Pisces and this "two become one" notion is a part of Venus, but the exalted one, the mask that Venus wears when she wants to put on a good face. But what is Venus really like, when she's all alone at home?
Venus rules Taurus, an earth and pragmatic sign that wants to enjoy the material side of life and since love and sex are parts of that, it wants to enjoy them, too. This is not a sign that harbours any romantic fantasies and doesn't spend its life crying over unrequited love. Taurus believes that in order to be in love, there has to be another person beside you that you can touch and feel and who wants to touch you back. Otherwise, the whole thing is pointless. The feelings that Taurus has for another person are very much valid, but unless these feelings can take shape and form on a material level, it just doesn't bother.
Venus also rules Libra, which may be a more romantic sign than Taurus, but it is also a very Saturn-friendly sign. Since it is an air sign, it wants to communicate the love it feels and that's what it expects from the other person. Because Libra believes that love needs to stand the test of time (Saturn), the two people involved need to be very clear as to what they want, so that a compromise can be reached. Libra may dream of an ideal partner, like every other sign, but its saturnian nature doesn't allow it to dwell in this dream for long.
Which means that, from Venus's point of view, Capricorn is not such a bad sign for her. It is an earth sign and a Saturn-ruled one. The problem with this placement is that, very often, there is too much Saturn. There can be a belief that love has limits, that love is something that you need to work hard for and that feelings are not to be trusted because they will lead you astray. This is sensible, but perhaps TOO sensible, since it doesn't allow any room for the unpredictable, for those few wonderful moments when love sweeps you off your feet. Which, in turn, can lead to a dried-up emotional state, but that's not what Venus wants. Venus wants the materialization of feelings, no matter how hard that seems to be sometimes.
Too much Saturn can also lead to a lack of demonstrable affection. I may have feelings but I do not show them for fear of rejection. If I show you my feelings, then I allow you to invade in my private territory, which, for Saturn, equals death. Better to keep my feelings in check than risk my annihilation. But, alas, this sort of attitude is what drives other people away.
The current Venus transit in Capricorn, with its mutual reception with Saturn in Libra, offers an excellent opportunity to make sensible choices and decisions about love. Are you in a relationship that has ceased to function? Perhaps this is the time to end it. Are you feeling love that unfortunately is not reciprocated? Then perhaps this is the time to stop. Are you involved in a situation that you need to choose between two people? Then choose the one a healthy Venus would choose. Deep down you know who that is.
Venus, however, is also going to conjunct Pluto, so for some of you making the right decision is a matter of life or death. Or for others, a love affair has become so toxic, that it needs to end immediately. But whatever you do, you need to take into account that you are also animals who don't have the luxury to forget about the instinctual part of life. Calculate your move, by all means, but keep in mind what your primitive self wants as well. And if you start a new relationship with Venus/Pluto, don't get stuck in the throes of passion but try to keep your head on your shoulders, because Saturn is waiting in the wings.


  1. Dear Petros,
    What a wonderful article, please keep up with the good work.

    I am in a constant emo-battle with my Ve/Cap in 11th house, it is like in a fairy tales - I am the lady in the castle waiting for the guy to free her from the same castle that she built :)

    Kind regards,


  2. Thank you Penelope, very kind of you to say so!